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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    It had to come out ... no thread is safe
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    Dreaming of fishing

    Work hard at the rehab and you will be on top of the world in a few months time.
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    River Dinan Kilkenny.

    Let us know how you get on, Gary. I hear there’s some lovely fishing on the Nore and it’s trib’s.
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    Breathable Waders

    If you typically tend to fish for just a few hours at a time, then I think this is the way to go.... my nylon hip waders going strong since 2013, and perfect for an evening on a small river.
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    Breathable Waders

    ... yes, but what would happen to forum activity then?
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    Floating line

    Maxcatch Gold, all day long. A pleasure to cast, supple as silk, floats well and little or no memory. Using a 3wt on my Scott G, works a treat. End of discussion.
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    Breathable Waders

    He repaired my Visions about a year back, they were still leaking upon return, repaired them again (at his own cost). But they leaked again within a few outings. To be fair, he said from the outset that they had delaminated and were unlikely to hold.
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    Breathable Waders

    I have sealed the seams but still leaking. Can’t find the hole!
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    Breathable Waders

    My Orvis Encounter waders (£130 on “offer”) leaked after one season. Now debating whether to send to DD for repair or just buy another pair. Any views on that?
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    Cortland Sylk 444 lines;

    I use a DT5 on a Sage 9ft 4wt, and it presents very nicely indeed.
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    Galway ( South) Fishing

    Right you are, indeed. A lifetime’s great trout fishing in Ireland yet most of us, myself included, just stay local.
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    Galway ( South) Fishing

    Why not consider north Cork and Tipperary? .. lots of lovely river fishing for trout over there and handy enough for you
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    Make it yourself in lockdown

    Great idea! The less gear, the better. Front pack / back pack (US Marine style) not my cup of tea.
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    Broken rod

    What brilliant feedback! Must check out his blanks.
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    TT Book Club: The Books that Defined an Angling Generation

    +1 for A Man May Fish ... the chapters about Jamesie are particularly nice writing.