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    Arctic charr in scotland

    lochs Tay, Earn Lubnaig, Voil, fact it ight be easier to list the ones that are big and DON'T have charr
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    waterproof jacket recommendations

    In the end I got an Airflo Defender for £52 delivered then I got a tenner off for using a certain web link. I have worn it but it didn't rain lol!
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    Vision Sprinter wading boots size 8 reduced

    worn once, too small! Felt soles, nice build quality. Looking for £35 posted.
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    waterproof jacket recommendations

    thanks for the replies, some things there to condider.
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    waterproof jacket recommendations

    I just wear waist waders or an old pair of breathable waders with the feet cut off.
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    Where to fly fish ?

    I can recommend the the Inny, which is on the border with Devon. Lovely wee stream with a decent head of grayling, have not fished it this millennium though! Last time was 1999.
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    waterproof jacket recommendations

    My snowbee wading jacket has seen better days and I will be heading to Sutherland later in the summer ....where it can really rain and we will be in an open boat. My fishing buddy has a Simms G4 Jacket which he says keeps him dry even in a Suthrland "all day pish". My budget wont stretch that...
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    Is this cheating?

    listen! Match the hatch! You found feeding fish. Sorted.
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    Club Issues

    I would ask that the said committee member had clearly brought the club into disrepute and his display clearly indicates that he doesn't have the people skills to be on a committee. He should be removed from said committee.
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    Wanted shakespeare exp fly rod 7 peice #6

    they are the exp models, check the post above about John Norris.
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    Wanted shakespeare exp fly rod 7 peice #6

    No! The normal ones are 4 piece but the travel ones are 6 piece, maybe even 7 piece. Check them out, they are really good. Best value for monet rod on the market.
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    Wanted shakespeare exp fly rod 7 peice #6

    I would also recommend the agility travel rods,I have the 9 ft 6"one and I cant fault it.