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    New patterns for Lough Mask

    Got a phone call today from friends fishing Melvin, the peach and coral pseudo flies worked miracles,so hopefully they will be field tested on Mask next week, so back to the studio to dye up more Pseudo flourecsent sunburst
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    flies for lough sheelin

    Did a few flies for fishing on Sheelin next week
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    Messing around with sedge patterns tonight
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    Pseudo Hoppers

    The Pseudo hackle is being tried out on new fly patterns ready to field test in Missouri this september at the Southern county FFF FIERY PSEUDO HOPPER EMERALD PSEUDO HOPPER BLACK PSEUDO HOPPER
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    Pseudo patterns

    Got my fresh supply of Pseudo in and red dyed it for sea trout patterns Pseudo wet Daddy emerald ross variant claret ross variant blue ross variant
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    Pseudo flies

    Tying up more Pseudo flies for Lough Mask and the river Mourne GENERAL PRACTITIONER COCK ROBIN GOLDEN OLIVE
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    A few more humpies for this year

    Been spending the weekend tying up humpies for this year on the Loughs. SOOTY HUMPY FIERY HUMPY GOLDEN OLIVE HUMPY
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    Thanks guys cax you are right you do not need to high grade capes,I use Whitings saddles for all my mayfly patterns and they have never let me Don yet, I will put on the cdc Wulff I did over the Christmas, and a few new patterns that are being field tested by Whitings farm
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    Got the Elk hair bleached yesterday so decided to get a few humpies tied up ready for the season
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    Advanced fly dressing instructor

    Looking forward to sharing patterns and techniques on this forum.
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    Advanced fly dressing instructor

    Lawrence Finney Hi all My name is Lawrence and i decided that it was time to upgrade my account. With the beginning of the new year brings new opportunities so i look forward to further posts of my materials and flies Lawrence
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    CDC Patterns

    During last year we field tested some traditional Irish patterns with cdc incorporated into them. The results were fantastic, here is a few we tried on the loughs with great results. This is just a small selection we tied up.
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    Pseudo Ross Patterns

    Been messing around with the Pseudo hackle over the winter doing up some Peter ross variants for the coming season
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    New Irish patterns

    Last month on Mask quite a few fish were taken on a new pattern i designed, the Mosely Gosling, and the gold Gosling. But the one pattern that outfished all the patterns was the new sunburst Pseudo dabbler. Pseudo hackle re dyed, 8 fish to the boat using this one.
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    New ones for next year

    JJ The materials are as follows Tail. Sunburst pheasant tail Body. Bleached squirrel dyed sunburst Body hackle sumburst saddle Under wing . bleached and dyed french partridge Over wing. Bleached and dyed picric Olive french partridge.