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    Losing barbless flies

    I use a C&F fly patch. It pins to my jacket/bag/shirt, etc. The slit foam holds the flies very well. It's just annoying when I forget to pin it back on my bag when I've taken it off to tidy it up :omg:
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    fibre glass rods

    I've got one of the Redington Butterstick at 6'6" #3. It's a lovely rod for the small river that I fish it on. Paired with a Barrio Smallstream line it loads up really well and casts fantastically. Compared to the other short rods I've used (I managed to bust my old 6'6" #3 carbon rod) I've...
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    Tippet Rings

    I've been experimenting this year with a cut-down tapered leader nail-knotted to my flyline (#3 and #4 lines) with the smallest Moser tippet ring where the tapered leader reduces to the tail diameter (roughly). I then tie on tippet here (anything from 3 to 6 feet). I'm pleased with this set up...
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    telescopic landing net

    When I'm out river fishing (with fly or lure) I move around a lot, quite slowly but often a step at a time upstream casting as well. So having a fold up telescopic net (I have a Mclean folding net as well) is much more convenient than having to constantly remember to pick up my net. Having said...
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    Rudd in a stillwater

    Lucky man. Rudd on a fly are great fun (especially on sunny days). They're enthusiastic takers of flies like spiders, etc. You have to drop into the 16s/18s. They take dries as well because they're surface feeders.
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    Coarse Fish on Still Waters - Not Pike or Carp

    Send a good couple of hours scanning through this forum for Skateboard Dave's posts. He does a fair amount of fishing on similar waters. I think you may have better luck as the weather warms up ... you'll find Rudd and Roach feed on the surface, Carp start basking, you can Tench bubbles, etc...
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    Course pond fishing techniques

    What were they feeding on? If they've never been fished for using bait tactics then identifying what they were feeding on meant you could have a chance of catching them on the natural.
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    Course pond fishing techniques

    I think Dom's book is a great place to start and Dave's posts are a goldmine of information. I think the crucial thing Dave's mentioned here is getting to know a venue intimately. It's the same for all forms of fishing ... if you know a water well then you'll have a much better chance of...
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    Playing a fish

    Because of the waters I fish (small to medium-sized rivers) I tend to play fish by hand. Occasionally if I'm fishing at close range (so not much line out) and a decent fish takes then they can shoot off upstream and take line off the reel. That's about the only time I've used my drag ... still...
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    And some dace too...

    Nice fish (but only one of the pictures is a dace). The ones with the pink/reddish fins are chub. The easy way to tell is that on a Chub the anal fin is convex and the Dace is concave. Plus the Dace has a slightly underslung more delicate mouth. Great fishing all the same on what looks to have...
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    Trout lakes turning to coarse fishing

    The commercial match-style waters near me are muddy small pits overstocked with horrible carp. But that seems to be the thing that a lot of people want to catch. It's not quite as expensive as trout fishing but not far off (£10-£20/day plus bait costs). I personally dislike these sorts of...
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    changing weight without changing nymphs

    Not quite nymphing I know but I use the tungsten putty with my pike flies adding weight as I need it to get it down as quickly as possible in rivers. It's in my pike FF vest and I keep forgetting to transfer it to my "normal" fly fishing bag (either that or get another tub of it :))
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    Castable Underwater Camera

    There's are quite a few WaterWolf-filmed lure fishing YouTube videos. They do capture some amazing footage. One of the best was a lure being trolled (with no hooks) and watching the Pike come up had hit the lure/follow the lure, etc. was incredible. Personally I wouldn't use one (far too much...
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    Grayling Fishing in Wiltshire?

    Hi Mostyn, Fly tackle is allowed on the SDAC mixed fisheries. You are allowed to fly fish for trout during the coarse closed-season on many of the mixed waters as well. It's got some great waters but probably quite different to what you're used to in Wales. Most coarse fishing clubs allow fly...
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    I thought it was a big brownie.... but no. A carp

    I agree. Very nice looking. It also looks a powerful muscle-bound bruiser unlike most of the fat lardy mirror carp that seem to be the fashion now.