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    Info on knitsley mill ?

    Evening all, can anyone shed some light on knitsley ? Been looking online for info for prices etc and can only find farcebook posts, I don't do farcebook, all I want to know is can I fish any 4 hrs c+r and how much is it ? Got some time tomorrow and fancy a quick session to ease myself back...
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    Hi from Sunderland

    I know there's a club at chester le street on the wear but that's about all I know for the rivers, Derwent river is a bit further afield but good waters, day tickets can be useful to test the waters so to speak, also a few clubs etc about but they are further away from you, Northumbrian water...
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    That is a load of sh1te tel.....send it to me and I'll bin it for ya ! :whistle: How are you two doing anyway ? I Haven't been on here for a while, nice to see some familiar faces dotting about
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    Budget fast action 7wt

    Had a couple of Beulah rods, northern guides, if I remember correctly, strong powerful rods although maybe just a tad on the heavy side for some.
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    Looped Leaders

    A-ha ! :whistle:
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    Looped Leaders

    I don't know what one is ? Never heard of them ? Is it a pre made tapered leader with a welded loop ?
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    Hollow braid

    I have a similar problem, but mine is that I find the airflo 20 lb too thin for my purposes, want something a bit thicker/stiffer ? Anyone help ?
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    Black Knight

    Happy birthday for yesterday alban, or whenever it is/was :) I'm sure you will enjoy it :)
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    A quick tinker today

    Fancy making another one mike ? :)
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    Blinding day.NOT.

    I'm sound tel, considerably better than you by the sound of things lol ;)
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    Blinding day.NOT.

    Surprised he even felt it ant if he's from segga;) And tel, I wish I had seen the episode unfold :) bet you weren't very angry :)
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    Griffin Montana Mongoose Vice

    I like the look of these vices, thought about one a while back, just got rid of a vosseler, so may be in the market for a new one soon :) let us know how you get on with it :)
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    May 2016 Caption Competition - Sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Finally someone found out where my postman lives :)
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    Cheap #7 reel

    Sorted thanks :)
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    Cheap #7 reel

    Morning all, looking for a cheap #7 reel if anyone has one send me a pm, I'm thinking 15-20 quid ish :) Thanks