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    What Is The Best Colour For Oars?

    It is true. And to be honest,'re a **** Ghillie😁. Now your telling us on some other thread that you do not appreciate Scottish people visiting other parts of thier own country. Do me a favour and fuuk off back to where you came.
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    Travelling up to Scotland in a lockdown

    Wow, never happened before..has it.🙄.Much as I hate messy people spoiling our countryside. I'm inclined to get slightly annoyed when some Johnny come lately tells me how my country should be run. K
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    Fishing shirts.

    Sorry to inform Splinters. But you are on the wrong starting point👍. You need to start with a vest. A Helly Hansen base layer....hugely technical but reassuring cheap. Then to the shirt. Hoggs of Fife do some nice tattersall shirts. Medium to heavyweight cotton. I do like my ' Worldwide...
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    Rio Gold Fly line

    I've 5 and 6 weight Rio Golds. Good lines and £49 is generous if compared to the £70 I paid for mine 4 years ago....depending on your individual price predjudice😀. Annoyingly however, the coating on the 6 weight is showing signs of advanced cracking. It is used more the the 5 but for the dozen...
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    Maxima fly tippet material

    No. The similar 'opinions' get repeated. borne of obsevation.
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    visitors dirt

    Was up your way for a few days recently. Saw some of the fire pits beside loch Maree and at some other spots...Red point sands? Not a huge amount of mess but some of the litter is careless and the tree cutting for fires is totally unnecessary. On that trip, and another up near Durness I have...
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    Going for a swim!

    × I fell in the Tweed. You will know the area well. I was fishing at Cardrona I was releasing a grayling from the high but slow bend just opposite the roadside and I overbalanced and In I went. I am a non swimmer and had always believed that if if I fell in to a loch or river I'd likely...
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    Vision Waders?

    You have to think of waders as a disposable item. Like leader material or fly lines they will become damaged or degrade sooner or later. You then have to ask yourself the question, how much am I prepared to pay for a disposable item. £60 for cheapies or £600 for Simms and the like. Barbed wire...
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    What genius is in charge of cramond fall?

    Happy to take your guidance on that Aldot. Just adding, that fish was very small even for a finnock but having said that if some seatrout do not run too far from the Almond estuary then maybe some of the earlier season smolts will maybe follow thier bigger cousins back into the river. I'm aware...
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    What genius is in charge of cramond fall?

    I went down to Crammond today for a wander....which I do quite often. I don't fish the river though. I sat on one of the benches drinking my coffee opposite the waterfall cafe which is a few hundred yards down from the waterfall itself. Up against the far bank a cormorant dived four or five...
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    edinburgh fishing

    Rivers, Water of Leith, which flows through the town is free but does require a permit and has some decent trout. Peebles association water, 23 miles of river and less than an hours drive from the city. Beautiful location and possibility of specimen trout. River Clyde about an hour drive from...
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    edinburgh fishing

    River or loch?
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    River Leven Fife

    Used to attend casting club which Stuart and Brian ran. They were so free giving with their expertise and genuinely nice guys. It was a shame they eventually had to give it up. If I remember correctly we paid the guy who owned the fishery £5 for the session, of which Stuart and Brian received...
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    Harlaw reservoir, campers and litterbugs

    There are indeed idiots everywhere, I do not disagree. In Edinburgh, and I suspect elsewhere, we also have litter wardens and they can issue ''on the spot fines''. I'm not absolutely sure who employs them but I suspect that it may be a private company on behalf of our council. Again, I suspect...