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    Magnificent Wye Brown Trout

    I can't speak for what they do in the US but I know a bit about them here: at one time I sold around 10% of the UK's annual production. There are 4 main producers who supply eggs, fingerlings and grown on fish and each has their own strain. They all have different markings and the only one with...
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    What Is The Best Colour For Bailers?

    I I know a doctor!
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    Magnificent Wye Brown Trout

    Have you seen many triploid stockies?
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    I enjoyed the write up, thanks, and well done.
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    Is there anything wrong with limited stocking of rivers?

    I think knock them on the head and eat them is exactly the right approach. Throw them up the bank to die and be wasted is absolutely disgusting and I cannot understand why anyone would be showing off about treating a fish like that.
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    That's a belter!
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    I'm pretty sure it was invented by Micky Bewick specifically for fishing at Farmoor and Datchet. Next time I see him I'll ask him what, if anything, it's meant to represent.
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    Mortimer & Whitehouse

    A 4th series is very good news. It's a harmless fun program that portrays angling in an excellent light. No it's not a serious fishing program but that's not the point. You can watch that sort of thing on the internet as much as you like. The more of this sort of program the less chance...
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    Trout Leprosy

    Puffy skin disease is a summer condition, saprolegnia is a secondary infection most commonly seen in winter. It is very often seen on mature females which become egg bound, loose condition and get secondary saprolegnia infections. PSD is NOT a notifiable disease. It's cause is unknown but most...
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    Low, low water

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    Low, low water

    Wha a lovely colour.
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    British Steelhead

    Nothing like 60:40 more like 98:2, but it depends on the skill/ experience of the triploider. Mistakes are made of course but most farms sex test there fingerling inputs.
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    British Steelhead

    I've often wondered if there are a few natural triploid salmon knocking about in the sea. It's inevitable that there will be natural trips but do they survive and smoky and if they do do they migrate or just hang around growing to enormous size?
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    British Steelhead

    Not quite. Portion size table trout will be female. The farming operation on that river grows only triploids for restocking so its largely a moot point!
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    tippet ring knot slipping

    I prefer untucked Half blood knots with fluoro as I find them generally much more reliable. The real trick is to keep testing it.