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    Light weight waterproof jacket

    I use this and wrap it up and put it in the back of my Simms Vest Packable Rain Jacket / Encounter Wading Jacket -- Orvis
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    Mivardi landing net Competition

    MivardiMivardi landing net Competition
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    Sunray world nymph line

    I'll stick with my Rio Euro Line, not broken, why fix it.... If the Czech's start using it, maybe I might look at it, but for the moment, I'll pass.. :thumbs:
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    Hanak Superlight Nymphing Rods IN STOCK FOR XMAS

    I have the 9ft 6" 3wt... Only used it on the River Dee in Wales last November, but looking forward to trying it on my home rivers in South Ireland, which are allot smaller. But so far so good. Robbie
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    Suir t'ing

    I would highly recommend Swiss Cottage day ticket on the Suir. Only €20 for a day permit, and can be picked up at the corner shop at the square. Excellent trout fishing, and you can drive right down to the river, so your car is safe. Robbie ---------- Post added at 01:46 AM ----------...
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    11ft 3wt advice?

    I am using the Echo Shadow 2, can be extended to from 10ft to 10ft. 6" to 11ft #3. I have yet to use it to the full 11ft, as I have been fishing streams to medium rivers.. I had the older Echo Shadow PE which was a little stiffer, but I gotta say I just really like this new Echo, would I buy...
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    Fishing the Duo

    Two rods would be the best option here, possibly a team of heavy nymphs on the second rod. No time wasted on leaders, etc once the water changes, adjust your tactics accordingly.. Failing that, tie in a second dropper on, to accommodate another nymph..
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    Jig of delight

    One of my favourite ties...from Jason Lieverst. i use it allot on most river outings. :thumbs:
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    moto GP

    Ok like me if you don't have sky or access to BT sport. Next best thing is :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs: Full Highlights
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    moto GP

    Any link Brownie? As there's a ton of stuff out there.
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    a nymph for smart fish

    Hi Lucian To note, when registering a new account, I am still waiting for the activation email to my hotmail. I think I have an account, as I have ordered from you before but waiting for email to retrieve my password. Any ideas why it takes so long to deliver to Hotmail!
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    Orange Gammarus

    Looks great, is this fished as a point fly or on a dropper? Step by step would be nice. :thumbs:
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    Greys grxi

    Gold dust, I've been looking too.
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    What tippet is best for using in Stillwaters ?

    I a only use Riverge Grand Max Soft Plus Fluorocarbon Tippet