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    Sedge with hackle made of Hare fur

    Something funny to tie. Can be fished as dry but as wet too ( swimming sedge ). For body I noticed that works better the following colors: rusty brown and natural grey.
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    Poorly Spooled UTC thread.

    I personally love Uni Nylon 70DEN. It lays flat and can be used for small and very small flies without any problem. The only problem is in colors, this Uni thread is available in black and white. But white can be colored with a permanent marker :)
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    What CDC to buy?

    Hi Gerry, It depends of what flies do you want to make. For example if you want to make delicate flies like dun flies, spinners and small emergers then Khaki Campbel is fantastic for these flies. Also Wild Mallard CDC is good...
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    New hooks in TroutLine Shop

    Hi guys, New hooks arrived in shop. They can be ordered for a 2.45eur/25pcs . Guys who place orders this month and next month and are curious about them , in the comment area they can ask for free samples. Each new hook has photos on millimeter paper so that everybody can figure how they look...
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    15% Discount for Tying Materials and flies at TroutLine Shop

    Hello guys, I want to thank you to all our clients who ordered from us these years:) Also we have a discount of 15% OFF for all range of tying materials and fishing flies. The Winter is long and if you have time to make flies then now is a good moment to check our range of tying materials...
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    Green Peacock Wet Fly

    for fast flowing rivers
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    Poor man hackle

    A different way to make a hackle. Tying dry flies in this way was popularized by Jean-Paul Dessaigne, one of my favorite french tier. Here we call hare fur as poor man hackle. Guard fibers from hare fur suits perfectly for making big floating flies. The colors of the fibers are fantastic and...
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    Trout Line Black Friday (28Nov-1Dec) Discounts up to 50%

    A few from Today's Offer: Patagonia Skeena Waders with Danner Tractor Rubber Boots for 602EUR! - 40% Discount! Patagonia Men's Rio Azul Waders -38% Discount! Patagonia Men's R1 TechFace Hoody Balkan Blue Size L -34% Discount! Patagonia Men's P-6 Label Uprisal Crew Sweatshirt Size L...
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    Patagonia Apparel - Sale -Discounts up to 50%

    Hi guys, From today our fishing shop has on Sale a big range of Patagonia products like Puff Jackets, Underwear, Shirts and T-Shirts, Snap Dry Hoodies, Pants, Beanies and many more. The Sale will be entire month with discounts up to 50%. Fishing equipment like, jackets, boots, waders and...
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    11% Discount for Daiichi and 14% Discount for Kamasan and Gamakatsu Hooks - this weekend

    Hi guys, At TroutLine shop we have all Daiichi and Kamasan hooks at 11% and 14% Discount: For 11%Daiichi click here For 14% Kamasan click here: For 14% Gamakatsu hooks click here: Thank you for your attention, Best, Lucian
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    PT nymphs for muddy or fast flowing rivers

    Hi Corto, It is about contrast. Then if you fish in big waters with high level than usual, you will see lot of big stoneflies in dark colors close to the river bank. Black colored, dark brown colored and so on. Fishing with black in muddy waters is well known for efficiency ( black...
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    bug pattern

    Hi Gerry, Here a few tied by Oscar - a spanish fisherman and tier:
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    PT nymphs for muddy or fast flowing rivers

    Thanks Sebastian, Yes, it is pheasant barbs from pheasant tail dyed black and ribbed with blue-purple ribbing/silver wire cheers Lucian
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    PT nymphs for muddy or fast flowing rivers

    These two bellow gave me great moments in rivers with high level or muddy waters. I'm starting filling my boxes for next season :) cheers, Lucian
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    bug pattern

    It is a Spanish type of nymph used in the last several years in competitions. The legs tied in this way move fantastic in strong currents ( better than collar type of hackle ) cheers Lucian