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    Gink alternative

    The 'Bergman Formula' is considered to be very good , never tried myself -
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    Stickle dubbing vs Scraggy dubbing

    I'll get my coat 🐒
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    Stickle dubbing vs Scraggy dubbing

    Is 'Scraggy' the 'Kindale' material Noel? . If so the difference is about £1.55 per pack if you look in the right places (£3.50 for scraggy / £1.95 for stickle)
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    Lewis I have three of them but only paid around £15 for the three.As I said somewhere before I would'nt like to play decent fish off them, as line-holders they are fine but I'm not confident of getting more than a couple of seasons each out of them .
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    Top notch Cap’ ;)
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    usk nailer

    Look’s pretty good Doobry. Patterns often did’nt mention if it was a hen or a cock hackle that was to be used being that this is a wet fly.Was it Bronze Mallard for the body?? This is a short but interesting read written by M.Morgan also...
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    Recommend me an air rifle please.

    WH77 Not for girls , well yes if they are weight lifters!
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    Fly tying background / backdrop

    Have a look here -
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    Oval tinsel unravelling

    That look’s like some Turrall oval I’ve seen Ian , fun innit :oops:
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    Barbless equivalent of B175

    I have a pack of the Maxcatch MC-7221 , I’d say they are a bang on match for the B160 shank length & nearly in gape ... def’ not the thickness of wire of the B175 . Then again the pack I got maybe different to what others might get , you get that with the far eastern suppliers.
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    A few from this afternoon...

    Lovely shots of 'Jenny' , one of if not my Fav' .... beautiful little bird.
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    WOIGO Kate muddlers...

    All we be rather successful on their day I suspect ;) , very nice . Have you tried to dye a piece of roe just with Aztec Gold ? , or anything else really as I'm interested to see how it looks colour wise . I've heard it's not far off some interpretations of woigo .
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    Michigan Spundun (extended body)

    Some cracking looking flies posed recently from you Scott with very interesting use of materials .Thank you for taking the time to post (y)
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    Help with the Fritz on a Humungus

    Out of interest (although I've never used fritz) what does the dressmaking industry call it? , doubtful they call it fritz .. do they?
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    Whaaat? How much?

    They’re not too bad with a furlie on the front ...