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    Wanted - Sage Z Axis 9ft 6wt

    Now sorted - thanks Cameron
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    Wanted - Sage Z Axis 9ft 6wt

    Please PM or email if you have a 9ft 6wt Z axis for sale. Not too bothered about cosmetics as long as blank in good condition. Immediate payment on receipt by bank transfer or cheque. Cheers Mal
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    Mal Hunter of Fly-Fish-Yorkshire

    I am Malcolm (Mal) Hunter and offer angling and casting tuition on rivers and lakes in Yorkshire and beyond. APGAI in single handed rod discipline, ensuring proficiency in all aspects of casting with a single-handed fly rod, including spey and overhead casts. I am the Yorkshire representative...
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    pictures of brown trout

    That's a belting river fish. I hope he gave you as good a scrap as his tail suggests. Well done feller Mal
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    Pictures of uninvited gatecrashers.....

    That'll have to remain a trade secret. And besides, I wouldn't want to attract attention from the RSPCA :)
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    Pictures of uninvited gatecrashers.....

    Playing a fish on the point when not one but two of his spikey cousins decided to latch onto the droppers - this perky little feller was on the top dropper. Needless to say there was no sign of the trout by the time I'd landed the two perch....
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    Airflo Forty Plus Vs. Sixth Sense

    Hi Jon The forty plus lines have a shooting head profile with a very short rear taper - there were problems with these breaking off at the junction between head and running line although Airflo are said to have fixed the problem now. The sixth sense lines have a conventional profile with a...
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    The shipping forecast

    Nice tying - I'm sure they'll work a treat in or out of the wind. What hooks are you using? Cheers Mal
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    Coniston Hall - Yorkshire

    Hi Paul Fished Coniston a couple of weeks ago. We had fish on size 14 & 12 black or olive buzzers off a 12 ft leader - 3 flies at 4 ft intervals - the fish were coughing up similar sized naturals in the net. Had fish on all flies at various times of day (takes were mainly to top dropper in...
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    Help - Peacock Fritz

    Many thanks! Many thanks Sam. All best Mal
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    Help - Peacock Fritz

    NOW SORTED - THANKS! I've just about run out of peacock fritz and would like to buy some more. Problem is I can't remember who/where I bought it from initially (although I'm fairly sure it was from a forum member - before the days of trade membership) and I'm having problems identifying a...
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    underhand cast

    There's a good 10 minute segment by Dana Sturn (of Speypages - Speypages) on RIO's Modern Spey Casting DVD Cheers Mal
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    Spey to Z DVD

    Thanks KR You've got a PM matey. Cheers Mal
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    Spey to Z DVD

    Anyone have a copy for sale or short loan? Please PM for immediate payment by Paypal gift or bank transfer. Cheers Mal
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    Spey to Z DVD

    Anyone got a copy to sell or rent? Immediate payment by Paypal gift/bank transfer. Please PM Cheers Mal