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    A new PITA on stillwaters...

    'wild swimming' another new craze it seems. Another thing we have covid to thank for. What I don't get is they have groups on Facebook with reports saying where they've been, surely the whole point is to find somewhere secluded where you're not 'wild swimming' with everyone else?
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    Mgt Tackle Ltd

    Bit late but I've bought a few different flies from them and I will be buying more in the future..
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    Can you cast a full length of 30 yard WF fly line?

    Right cock measuring thread this one isn't it.
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    Yorkshire Waters

    Sounds like a good couple of days, well done. I've had the last couple of weeks off work and the weather looks set to warm up just as I'm going back, typical. Looking forward to some evenings fishing though.
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    Canvas bag, Chest pack or sling pack?

    A vest with a big pocket for water / flask. If needing to carry more stuff I just use a rucksack. Chest packs seem to be in fashion, they seem less practical than a vest to me.
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    Help needed

    Ha ha, I was just discussing with my girlfriend that a lot of people signing this petition will be because the sheds are an eyesore next to their big houses and that's it. I suppose I wouldn't want it built either. Obviously most Joe bloggs don't care about the fish in the river, if its getting...
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    Help needed

    I'd imagine the chemicals which are used to clean the sheds would be a factor. Until recently I delivered a lot of it to farms, its nasty stuff they use for cleaning chicken sheds. I'm sure it couldn't be good if a lot of it got in to the becks. Broad beck (cod beck tributary) suffered a major...
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    Help needed

    Shutty Sending you a PM
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    Bloke fibreglass rod - what am I doing wrong?

    I've not had the problem losing fish with a soft rod but an issue can be that on a small stream, fish can dive in to snags on the bend of the rod alone, if it is very soft.
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    Bloke fibreglass rod - what am I doing wrong?

    It might be that the baebless hook is an issue, but if it's not an issue with your other rod, I'm not sure what could be the problem. I only use crushed barbs. Depends on rules of course. Don't strike harder with a soft glass rod, lift in to the fish, if you snatch at it like you would with a...
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    Frog hair fluoro alternatives...

    Cheers Gary! That's kind of you to offer, it's under a tenner at the fishing Megastore so I've ordered some just now.
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    Frog hair fluoro alternatives...

    Awesome! Thanks, I couldn't see anywhere else with it in stock for the normal price.
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    Frog hair fluoro alternatives...

    Howdy Can't get any frog hair tippet at the moment! First World problem indeed. Got used to using this stuff and got great faith and confidence in it, sportfish is the only place I can normally get it and website says all out. What other fluoro tippet do members recommend I try? Have used...
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    Reels for your cane and glass rods

    Looks a nice match. How does the Ben's glass fish?