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    Early Mornings On Corrib

    Good man, Ian (y) Looks and sounds like a great morning. Hope Michelle had a big, dirty fry-up ready for you when you got back 😛
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    Where to buy?

    Yep... ... or
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    Join me in a minutes silence at 11am

    Stick it on eBay. Guaranteed some hipster will buy it (y)
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    Disco dabbler 12

    It'll definitely get their attention. Now whether they want to eat it or not... ;)
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    What makes us happy..

    Bet it was black?
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    What makes us happy..

    Aaaah... David Crosby. Not big on moderation 🤪 :D
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    A Gentle Return.

    Glad to see you've got your mojo back, Gary. Go get 'em (y)
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    Anyone know what this is? (Graphic)

    Don't care what it is... no way I'd take a chance on eating it! :sick:
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    im buying a boat

    Be brave. Travel to Galway or Mayo. You'll be spoilt for choice ;)
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    Is it possible to change a Hardy Viscount from RHW to LHW?

    Hiya, Steven. I've saved a post from Classic Forums on the schematics for a couple of reels I have. The Viscount isn't listed but the internals might be similar. You've probably got it sorted now anyway.
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    Is it possible to change a Hardy Viscount from RHW to LHW?

    What are you looking for exactly, Steven?
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    2021 Irish Mayfly

    Yep, could be a little tricky to say the least. Our boat is currently in Clare but due to the inter-county restrictions, there's no way I'd take the chance on bringing it up to the Corrib. An acquaintance of mine had his car badly vandalised when he ventured out last year during the 5K limit. I...
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    2021 Irish Mayfly

    A few sporadic small hatches on the lower Corrib. Probably helped by the recent warm weather.
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    im buying a boat

    Grey Ghost... Taibshe Liath Grey Wolf... Mac Tíre Liath Or more appropriately in your case, long wait... Fanacht Fada ;)
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    European Cup Rugby

    Well done to Leinster yesterday. Clawing their way back from a disastrous start to beat the current champions is no mean feat.