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    Sad news

    I fished with Gary on a few occasions on his beloved river Calder and on the Nidd. He was a joy to fish with and taught me many things. I am shocked and truly saddened to hear of his passing. Ray
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    Brass and Tungsten bead offer

    The beads arrived today. Many thanks. Ray
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    First session on the Welsh Dee

    Hi Harry I was on Crogen 2. I'm a new member. I'll be at the open day on April 6th Ray
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    First session on the Welsh Dee

    Fished my first session on the Dee today near Crogen. Managed 10 Grayling; a few pictires below. It was very windy and bright. Does the water always flow that fierce or is the river still showing the effects of the wet Winter.
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    Wading on river Dee

    Thanks for the info. I have fished the Dove and I agree the wading is not too hazardous. However I now live on Anglesey and the Dee looked the best bet at only 50 miles away. Are the spikes different to studs?
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    Wading on river Dee

    I'm thinking of applying to join Corwen and District Angling Club (Browns and Grayling). After having a bad experience on the glass rocks of the Irfon a year or so ago I'm a bit wary of wading. Could someone please advise me on the quality if the wading on the Corwen stretch of the Dee...
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    Anglesey Fly Fishing

    Hi Frank I am intending to try SWFF. I'm living in Bull Bay and there looks to be a few spots worth trying of the rocks which seem to be popular with the plug and spin guys. I'ts the freshwater locations where I'm struggling to get info. Thanks Ray
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    Anglesey Fly Fishing

    Thanks Fflambo. I'll definitely give Cefni a visit. Ray
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    Anglesey Fly Fishing

    Hi All, I've just moved to Anglesey and I'm looking for information about trout fisheries on the Island. There seems to be little in the way of river fishing but there are a some still waters identified on the web but the info seems a bit out of date. If anybody has any recent info or reports...
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    Wanted: pedestal vice

    Hi Sam, I have a Danica Innovation Vice (Danvise) available if you are interested. It is used but in good condition. They currently retail at £59.99. They are a very good vice and are well recommended. I also have a pedestal to go with it for which I paid £17. I am happy to let the two go...
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    Unpaid volunteer needs waders

    Maybe able to help. Will pm tomorrow after I check them out tonight. My location is Bingley, West Yorks. Regards Ray
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    using finches, wrens, etc

    I have a lurcher that kills the odd cat. Apart from the whiskers is any other part of the cat useful for fly tying?
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    River Calder

    Although fish were a bit hard to come by it was very enjoyable day in good company and with a top guide. Although I went for an unexpected dip in the river I can still recommend a day out with Gary. Ray
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    Coq de Leon - Pardo

    You have a pm. Thanks
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    300 barbless hooks

    Hi Flytec You have a PM. Regards