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    Cayo Paredon , Jardenes del rey

    I have noticed a trip going to the above place ,is this where Duni and Alex go to or is it a totally new area ? I’m sure some experts will know ,thanks
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    New reel for 2022 ?

    thanks all for you suggestions,got some ideas now
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    New reel for 2022 ?

    I hoped my post would just give me ideas for which would a reasonable priced reel would be ,not debate on buying any goods from China ! A good reel from UK would be good ,or any other country,thanks
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    New reel for 2022 ?

    Looking for a new 7/8 reel for sea trout fishing ,moderate price ,so many different ones,what recommendations,are the maxcatch reels any good . Thanks for suggestions
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    Cuba- Orvis Blog

    I also went around 2016 with Go fishing to the big old house ,was ok . I had a nice young quide called Uandreas and was very lucky and caught a grand slam also first for the young quide ,I don’t know who was more surprised and pleased !, It is certainly a great place to fish , very little...
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    No fishing on TV

    I’m also from North York’s with no tv reception has free sat got any fishing programme on ?
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    Where in Mexico would you recommend? Thanks
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    Bone fishing 2021

    After a poor year on the salmon and sea trout really looking forward to going of bone and permit fishing,any ideas were is open and relatively safe to go ?
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    Polarized sunglasses for fly fishing

    Has anyone tried the Specsavers prescription sunglasses for fishing ,they cost around £80 ?
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    Same here on the Yorkshire Esk ,river has been very low most of the year ,when we had any rain just left a brown stain still in the river . Salmon and sea trout runs worst I have ever known but until September some nets were still taking fish or all the thousands of seals in the area . What will...
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    Commando fly line

    Just been looking for a new fly line for bass fishing ,the commando fly line seem to cast a long way easily? Or does it
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    Line basket

    I would like to thank Paul for his very kind offer ,thanks for other replies and to say what a very helpful forum this is 👍👍
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    Line basket

    I am getting into bass fly fishing,I think I will need a striping basket ,which type to buy or should I make one ?
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    Bone fish destination

    Hi Hardrar ,yes ,not only the fishing but an all round good time ,I like most of the Cubans but do feel they are starting to rip us off ,being a fellow North Yorkshire man like value and fun !
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    Bone fish destination

    Well it was September when I started this post ,thanks for all the ideas ,being over 70 hopefully I will get the jab by March then I really do hope to go somewhere,still cannot make my mind up where to go ? Just have to wait and see and more ideas ,thanks