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  • Dear ...
    I am looking for a new rod.
    For in the spring to fish from shore on small to medium rivers.
    I now own a Winston WTTMF 8'' # 4.
    Now I want a slightly faster rod but no broomstick.
    I doubt, however, between the B2T 8'6'' # 4 or a B2T 9''# 5.
    What is your opinion as you hold the two.
    Thanks in advance
    Kind regards

    The time must come to all of us
    who live long, when memory is
    more than prospect. An angler
    who has reached this stage and
    reviews the pleasures of life will
    be grateful and glad that he has
    been an angler, for he will look
    back upon days radiant with
    happiness, peaks and peaks of
    enjoyment that are no less bright
    because they are lit in memory
    by the light of the setting sun.

    Angling, one of the best and most
    wonderful recreations known to man.
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