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    My local stream - bream?

    They’ll take a beetle, but don’t expect them to pull back..
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    Paraloop f fly?

    Semperfli poly yarn is what I use most, I think I bought my current stuff from Tungsten Beads Plus.
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    Paraloop f fly?

    × I’ve tried the shiny Veniards stuff that Sportfish sell. It may be OK for para-posts but it’s not so good for wings, I think because it’s too smooth. I prefer yarn that is crinkly so the fibres don’t stick together and therefore flare out when tied in. Crinkly fibres allow the wing to have a...
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    Hot Tip Bugs

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    Paraloop f fly?

    I prefer to fish one fly all day, so I’ll stick to polypropylene...
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    Paraloop f fly?

    Indeed you would if the surface area/volume were the same, otherwise a CDC fly wouldn’t spend much time on the surface...🙂
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    Paraloop f fly?

    × Remember that poly-yarn is polypropylene which is less dense than water, so you only need enough to counteract the weight of the hook, with Gink you need less...
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    Paraloop f fly?

    I use poly-yarn, either Semperfli or Fish-On, for all my dry flies, you don’t need much for a dry fly, particularly on #16/18 flies. I also use it for indicator flies for the duo, just use a bit more yarn.
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    Paraloop f fly?

    Try one of these, it’s what I switched to when I got fed up with CDC F-Flies.
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    How do you store your waders?

    I've been using the Wychwood wader bag for years - does what it says on the tin...
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    MIDJ Emerger Indicator

    A versatile pattern for lakes and rivers - just tie your fly of choice to the eye of the indicator.
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    Hends BL510 #16 Furled organza fibres for detached body (black & claret or brown & cream) Vicuna dubbing (black & orange or hare's ear sub) Organza fibre wings 5mm white foam coloured with sharpie pen More images at
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    Fly line with two welded loops

    Tie a large perfection loop in the end of the backing which is large enough to pass the spooled fly line through and then connect loop to loop.
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    Supa Dupa Pupa

    Hi Sebastian. No, it’s a coil of white organza used to support the fly on a piece of white acrylic for the photograph. Cheers, Nick.
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    Supa Dupa Pupa

    Hook: Hands BL599 #12 Thread: Semperfli nano silk brown Underbody: Green floss Body: Nymph skin and stripped organza ribbon wound together with nymph skin on top Back: Nymph skin and 3mm organza ribbon Eyes: Melted monofilament