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    Tac FireNeedle 10' 6" #6/7 Switch

    I bought hardy sirrus SH 11 #6 in 2004 and weighted it exactly at 4oz as per their catalogue. It was one of my regularly used fly rods until last year when i sold it to someone in UK.
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    Snowbee Ranger breathable waders

    not bad for the money.
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    At what point do you stop buying rods.

    I am trying to limit my SH trout rods to 10, but most of the time i am 2 to 5 rods over that limit. A couple of Hardy bamboo rods made in the sixties effectivly cover all my local fishing with no disadvantage to my other top of the range/mid range brand name carbon rods. All my rods are either...
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    Tax on European supplied goods

    I bought/sold a few items via ebay uk from/to UK prior to 1/1/21 and it was easy. Many moons ago when you import/export a product to a foreign country the vat was excluded when you export and was collected by the customs when imported, and that practice made the product to cost more. The notion...
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    How long can you last !

    many moons ago 12 hours, both on rivers and lakes was the top, on average - it depends on the mood i am but maybe its 6-7 hours .
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    Best Carbon Trout Rods Ever Built

    Hardy Sovereign Ultralite Marquise Swift RST M3 Orvis Trident Winston WT Diamondback VSR Sage SLT I never tried Scott or T&T.
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    Trout and Grayling Tackle - Built in Obsolescence?

    I gradually lost interest in carbon fly rods in the last 10-15 years as i see only marginal improvements if any, nothing to boost my catch rate/enjoyment any further. i found that i am catching fair amount / size of fish with some 60 years old grass rods with no disadvantage and i don't own any...
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    out of season trout

    Maybe trout rivers in UK have a lot of brown trout, over here fishing for +15 years +100 fly fishing days in mixed fish waters during brown trout closed season, the browns are not active feeders at this period as in other times and are seldom hooked if at all, and i mean rivers with native...
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    out of season trout

    I remmember once asking the person in charge for the day licenses in Slovenia, what if i hook a danube salmon, hucho hucho out of season while i am fishing for trout and make a photo of it, the answer was you have to be very fast with photo and release the fish unharmed, so i gues it is not...
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    out of season trout

    In my experience fishing our waters with mixed fish brown/ other fish, its very rare to catch brown trout let alone a trophy one. I remember hooking a 40-45 cm fish at best, a male and a couple of females over the course of 16 years but i must admit that the brown trout numbers are very low on...
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    Nymphing Rod 10' or 11'

    I've fished 10', 11' and 11'6" for nymphing, the 10' is the most dry fly friendly from the bunch when you suddenly decide to switch to dry fly, the 11' is more of a special hard core nymphing tool and/or for river competitions when you are allowed to carry up to six rigged rods to cover fast...
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    Split-Cane rods;

    Its the second biggest brown trout i ever hooked from a local river, the only bigger brown from a local river was some +10 years ago. I stopped fishing in mid afternoon after landing the one from the last photo and decided that the 2020 trout season ended realy well. The Bougle reel has some...
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    Split-Cane rods;

    To revive the thread: And the last trout for the season:
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    Braid for spinning

    Stroft GTP.
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    Split-Cane rods;

    × Both rods are 8'6". I sold all my 7'and 8' fly rods many moons ago so the shortest i have is 8'6. The hardy rod is not # marked as in 1960 they don't have aftma. Later models are marked as #5 and i would say its ok. The Harris rod is marked as #4/5 and is ok too. I don't consider too much...