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    Dark Claret Bumble.

    Fantastic ties. Love to see all the materials/ ribbing/ body / palmering etc less is more yet all in there. Must try.
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    Be very interested in how those intermediates are. Sink rate etc.
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    Sinking 10 wt line search

    Hi all I'm looking for a rough and ready 10 wt line for an odd pollack session in rough ground. So no need for top end lines or much finesse. Seem hard to find above 8 wt in the usual value places. Any suggestions?
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    Streamer hooks i had a similar search.
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    Rod for general lough style fishing Ireland.

    I used to use 10 foot 7 wts Sage Xp and Zaxis and more than those a Redington CPS. Now i use either a 10 foot 6 wt Z Axis or more usually a Vision GT4 3 piece in same config. In lakes here in Ireland for me the last retrieve on the "dibble" is so productive that 10 foot is for me essential did...
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    out dated flies

    She had a Brazilian
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    out dated flies

    Teal and Yellow produced a lot of night sea trout this year for me! Heckham Peckham is a fly i had completely forgotten unusual fly with a brilliant name!
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    out dated flies

    New flies need new materials/hooks meaning sales.
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    That's It: Am getting PVC Waders

    Tex 355 Camo the boots seem fine better than most of my wading boots
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    That's It: Am getting PVC Waders

    Ive had the same relationship with breathables. Exprensive/Mid Price/Cheap and all have failed ive a shed full of them hanging looking forlorn as they all have leaks. I fish the salt a good bit too so feel that doesnt help. I got Vass waders this year and they seem bulletproof. Of course in the...
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    Any one know anything about this old vice?

    Thanks Jimmy
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    Any one know anything about this old vice?

    Apologies for the image confusion first time doing. Ive been offered this but cant seem to find anything about it or what is the design name any help appreciated. It does look well made. Pat