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    Buzzers 2

    crackers :thumbs:
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    Huge fly tying kit for sale

    am good mate thanks, did you get much fishing done this year?
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    Huge fly tying kit for sale

    not again ed? hows tricks mate?
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    fish finder repair

    does anybody or know anyone who repairs fish finders? have a humminburd 140c and it wont switch on, power is getting to the unit. Thanks Paul
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    Lot239 (1 days salmon fishing for two rods on the Tay at Kercock in July) (Ends 5/6/12)

    No problem Munro :thumbs: top job you are doing, well done mate Paul
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    Largemouth Bass from Orlando Resort

    Gents, Going to orlando in september and will travel down 2 miami. Any recomendations of places to go? Cheers, Paul
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    Rowbank Angling Club

    Monical, this has just turned into a advertisment for 'new howwod trout fishery' if you were so concerned when you were a member maybe you should have put into place your own methods of poucher deterants rather than come on and slate the club. Paul
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    from last night (kates & hoppers)

    thanks guys :thumbs: it is roofing felt underlay, thought it would look good for a wing. Cheers, Paul
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    from last night (kates & hoppers)

    Hi guys, tied a few things up last night... couple of kates and some hoppers. also done a root beer clan chief but my phone doesnt have the best camera so when i get a better picture that will go up as well. thanks for looking. Comments please, Cheers, Paul
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    first post

    Thanks for the comments guys :thumbs: tying a few things tonight will get more pictures up tomorrow Cheers Paul
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    first post

    Thanks guys, Am starting to get the hang of it and some help from a few people. Will get a few more pictures up tomorrow. Cheers Paul
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    first post

    hi guys, here's my first post... only been tying since november. here's my go at a golden olive bumble. (sorry about the photo quality its from my phone) commets please :omg: Cheers Paul