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    How do you identify how much weight/bead size that you have on your flies

    There's vid on YouTube showing how Howard Croston id's his weighted flies. Simple idea
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    WF Fly Line

    As previously quoted I think we get a little too obsessive with 'dead straight' A little slack when fishing dries is your friend - yes you do get micro drag on still waters too especially with small dries that do not stick in the surface as do larger dries. Another area that a little slack helps...
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    WF Fly Line

    Why is the amount of memory shown in the pic a problem?
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    WF Fly Line

    Generally straight is good enough I'd suggest, don't get over obsessed with perfectly straight. When fishing dry fly a little 'slack' is your friend as it prevents unnatural drag setting in too early. If buzzer fishing with a breeze, the breeze will straighten your line out as should a slow...
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    Silk lines and euro nymphing

    Sounds good. Howard Crosten published a Youtube vid a few days ago suggesting something similar
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    New Zealand style..

    Good info. Another interesting 'dynamic' version. Not making things easy for the OP are we ;)
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    Super rods at a great price;

    Subjectively I'd say med-fast. I do have a rather lazy action easy action and don't use a long 'stroke', so I get a lot out of the tip if that makes sense... It's used predominantly at Brenig or on other still waters when the weather is rather 'heavy'. My local fishery was Meadow Fishery before...
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    Super rods at a great price;

    I can recommend the Harrison Lorhic blanks. Built a 9' 6 #7 with one of these a few years ago
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    Best Amadou patch

    Well... we can converse and wax lyrical about the positive properties of Amadou, and no doubt the ‘real’ deal is fantastic. However, kitchen roll does do a pretty decent job. Just make fishing simple and stick your hand in the kitchen drawer before venturing out.
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    Welsh anglers can go fishing.

    A tad frustrating this. My local water, a trib of the Dee, is 11 minutes away but as I am an honourable citizen who respects directives I will be driving an hour across Cheshire for a fish tomorrow. Had to explain to two families from N Wales yesterday that directives work both ways after they...
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    Welsh anglers can go fishing.

    Can you jump on a push iron and strap a rod to the cross bar?
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    A fantastic situation for you Welsh members if this proves true, not so good for us frontier town Englishmen.
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    River Tees

    Ditto what the others have said in every aspect. Pay special attention to the wading comment!
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    Varnish Brush

    With the Veniards, I use a dubbing needle and dip into the lid not the bottle to better gauge how much is on the needle.
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    Cleaning fly lines

    If you're cleaning your lines, don't forget give your rod rings a little wipe out... I find it important to clean inters and sinking too, I feel they pick up as much grit and grime. Run through a cloth dipped in the washing up bowl - washing liquid is a degreaser so helps keep the lines...