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    Wanna be a fishing guide?

    I take it you mean that sarcastically.
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    Wanna be a fishing guide?

    Let's look at the practicality and reality of this. OK there is a company offering a course that in theory anyone could take part in and gat a piece of paper at the end saying that they have participated in the course and may or may not call themselves a qualified fishing guide. That...
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    Another Green Highlander (Pryce-Tannatt)

    Hi Sebastian I have not yet given up. Do have a suggestion as to what I should try. I have been playing with flies to fish with. They are of course no comparison to the classics but give me some practice in the tying techniques. Pete
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    F.A.O. Folk Buying a Bloke XL50

    Oh dear. I have a matt black blank apparently on the way. It's due any day now. Pete
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    Wanna be a fishing guide?

    I had forgotten about that one.
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    Wanna be a fishing guide?

    For me it's more of a geographical thing. I only know of ghillies in Scotland or Ireland everywhere else I have fished they have been called guides.
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    Wanna be a fishing guide?

    I have fished with about 20 different guides in the Keys, 10 or so in the Bahamas, 5 or six in Cuba, half a dozen in Los Roques, about 10 in the Seychelles. For salmon - 3 or 4 in Norway, 6 in Ireland including boatmen, 10 or so Gillies in Scotland, 10 or so guides in Iceland, 4 in Canada In...
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    Getting a Young 'Un Hooked!

    Well done James. Your enthusiasm that I have experienced on this forum is a wonderful thing and to share it with a younger generation is fantastic.
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    Wanna be a fishing guide?

    They guides in the Keys all have captain's licenses. There is also a lot of competition and whereas new young guides are welcome, bad guides very rapidly get a bad reputation and are made unwelcome.
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    Wanna be a fishing guide?

    Is that not a barman?
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    Another Green Highlander (Pryce-Tannatt)

    Wow . That is a beauty Sebastian. To my eye the alignment, shape and proportions are pretty well perfect. Great job. Pete
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    Black Doctor.

    Hi Mark It is great to see these wonderful examples of your craft again. Or this one. I have been lacking in inspiration over the past weeks and maybe this is enough to give me a kick to get back to the vice and practicing. I have been practicing a lot. Thanks for your inspiration. Pete
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    Orvis Girls

    Where is the fly name thread?
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    Pet hates in fly tying

    I wouldn't call them pet hates more like problems that I can't do much about. - Like many others, bad sight, sausage fingers. I am also very impatient and try to finish too quickly. I am slowly learning to control this but it is not easy.