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    Is it all about the numbers???

    Happy man... Any luck? R
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    Is it all about the numbers???

    Not all about number, no. Sometimes it can be (trout frenzy on ants or may flies...), sometimes it does not make sense (salmon fishing). You may enjoy the challenges you're making just for yourself (that fish, and just that one with this technique), you may enjoy simple things (just give it a...
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    Welsh farmers are revolting

    Some friends and myself are struggling inside one conservation association, as well as many other people in this country with some "sister-NGO" (and in any country in fact). We cannot understand how things can go so poorly righteous... Last week there was a guy in Brittany who was facing a...
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    Welsh farmers are revolting

    Same on that side of the Channel... Add to this large convenience from the administration and that's done. They are killing everything, there is not a single cent of subsidies for agro-ecology and organic farming, but thousands millions of euros that are all going to the polluters and poisoners...
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    Its sedge o clock ...what do you tie on?

    Elk Hair or Stimulator or any pupa... A little fishing story. A bit more than two decades ago on a very long flat of river Idrijca (Slovenia), loads of small black ants felt on the river by the middle of the afternoon. Graylings and small trouts get crazy, I caught many, many graylings from 25...
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    River in flood?

    More rain on the way across western Europe, especially in France. Many overflowing rivers in the west... Upstream Loire is very high but still far from being a worry, Charente, Garonne spreading in towns... And some fools still claiming for more containment works, drainage, dams.. instead of...
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    Pacific Salmon in Scotlnd

    @kreid: there are things possible and some not. You may wonder for sure, but some answer are well established. There are sometimes strange things within the fish world and some interbreeding is possible in some cases, but in nature it is mostly in between very close species, usually leading to...
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    Pacific Salmon in Scotlnd

    Atlantic = Salmo Pink = Onchorhyncus Thus, no interbreeding possible (to make it short) R
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    Hello from France and Taiwan

    My favorite fish in the Loire (and in my plate! not an indigenous species, so no regret to keep one for the pot)... But can be very elusive and shy, and almost never on the fly (fish almost always lie in too deep and strong current, usually close to sunken woods, boulders, etc...). Can MP for...
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    Hello from France and Taiwan

    Bienvenue! (And say hello to Simon...) The place you are is not the best for fly fishing but within one hour drive you'll get some fun with some predators at sea or in rivers. Try the asps in the Loire, up to Angers and upstream, some very powerful carps also in this river (but very wary), some...
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    Fish farming regs relaxed

    Be sure I'm not buying farmed salmon for years, neither Scot or Norge or Irish... It may be time to prepare a whole European ( :sneaky: :sneaky: ) boycott campaign for this rubbish. But who would enforce it? R
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    Bored in Work

    A few spents, brown-orangeish or dark red, size 12/14/16. Hare's ear (to be used as emerger) size 12/14/16 R
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    Where have all the birds gone.

    Cold is here, three feeders are stuffed daily (two with sunflower seeds, one with beetle larvae). Quite a good head of birds. Anyway, still very few when compared with past decade when the feeder was used to be emptied in a couple of hours as now it is lasting the day. We can observe many...
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    Predator fishing in the Netherlands

    Yes you can trust that. Dutch polders are stuffed with pike. R
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    Second World War Novels

    If you consider it started before 1939 (indeed, there were some first signs in Spain...), then go to Hemingway's "For whom the bell tolls". May be you can find "The silence of the sea" by Vercors, dealing with German occupation in France. If you're interested in the other party point of view...