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    Guess the reel or the rod.

    Guideline favo?
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    A Useful Building Tool for Sanding and Buffing Whippings

    Definitely flaming is a good move but candles and tea lights can leave soot from the wax as I’ve found out the hard way 🤦‍♀️ and also residue in the epoxy if you are warming it to remove bubbles and level it - spirit burners are better although I just use a cheap disposable lighter. Can’t say...
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    Getting Ready to Roll.

    Loving the rod drying rack, that is inspired! A few drops of cellulose thinners or isopropanol and flex cote lite is much easier to work with in my experience - I bought some MEK to try for the same purpose but haven’t tried it yet. So which model is the sage GFL 12’6”? Best regards richard
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    Getting Ready to Roll.

    NB the wear is on the inside of the rings not the outside unless you’re throwing it on the ground!
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    Getting Ready to Roll.

    hi James Reckon you might be able to grey up the rings with a permanent marker but do it after varnishing or it will seep into the wrap. I’ve found the coating on coloured snakes wears off ina season anyway be they black, gold or grey. Im just in the middle of five Saltwater single handers for...
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    need id please

    I have some moose hair that looks just like that - which is elk to americans i think? Sent from my SM-A105FN using Tapatalk
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    Name That Thread Competition (Redington CPx Rebuild).

    Do you want me to send you some of what I have? Sent from my SM-J510FN using Tapatalk
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    Current European Rod Building Suppliers Dec '19.

    Hi Lewis One to add Corkrings on eBay seller from Portugal - good quality cork, composite and burl cork and great service Cheers Richard Sent from my SM-J510FN using Tapatalk
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    Name That Thread Competition (Redington CPx Rebuild).

    Hi Lewis Gunmetal/pewter metallic would be my guess or something similar from pacbay Fuji Ultra Poly & Metallic Thread A & D 100m - Threads - Threads Good luck Richard Sent from my SM-J510FN using Tapatalk
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    Titanium guides

    Don’t use lined rings for that rod — the total weight as well as air resistance will kill the action - I speak from having tried it. Probably best to use thin wire single Leg round seymo snake rings in smaller sizes on the tip Seymo Single Leg Round eye Snake Guide - Seymo - Guides They do a...
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    Mystery Hardy Rods + what reels?

    Those rods are possibly thirty years old they are old school and durable rather than delicate(!) and for both the higher line rating in WF should work well, the 10’ would be good for sea trout or single handed salmon rod too Tight lines Richard
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    Best Braid for tying snakes?

    Just to confuse things I use both varieties for sea trout and they both work - more often these days I use the trout zonker strip variety as the single hook is better for c&r. (I need to tie some sea trout bucktail ones with singles instead of trebles) - guess it would be easier if we used the...
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    Bonefishing options with non-fishjng partner

    Well after much discussion and reviewing respective lists of requirements looking on line and at brochures we've booked Kamalame Cay - much excitement, fly tying, Rod building and preparation to follow! Cheers for your thoughts Richard Sent from my SM-J510FN using Tapatalk
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    New Airflo Superflo Flylines

    Sounds interesting and worthy of further investigation maybe even a purchase! So they don't have ridged running line or ridges anywhere else on the line then? Good job if thats the case imho as that didn't really add much to the performance and collected dirt like no other line I've found; put...
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    Bonefishing options with non-fishjng partner

    Hi My 50th next year - talking about bonefish trip with the better half who likes the idea of lying by pool in a decent all inclusive resort whilst I fish - had some serious quotes for Seychelles (too much!) And places in Bahamas for Easter (north of £5k) as we are restricted to school...