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    Grayling fly recommendations

    Sturdy's Fancy on size 16, 18 and 20 hooks. Sturdy's Fancy
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    Mirrorless Compact System Cameras ??

    Simple answer is the OP asked about mirrorless cameras. Today it looks even more like my prediction is coming true... ;) richard
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    Major forum upgrade on it's way!

    Someone put a message up on Facebook if and when the forum gets up to speed again. It is failing to load up photographs from URL or from own PC and everything is taking ages. It worked fine with the old software... richard
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    Fishing landscapes

    Take that weir down... richard
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    Peacock Fly Fishing Club- Wye, Derwent, Bradford and Lathkill

    Saw my first Lesser Celandine fully open this morning by the Wye. The Snowdrops are out. Whatever happened to Winter? richard
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    Strongest dry fly hook

    Dry Fly 'Expert': Useful Hooks They have all been used to manage quite sizeable wild trout without straightening. They cost more than fly tying hooks but who cares when the stakes are so high? The heaviest is the Ashima but it doesn't sink my little PPS ! :thumbs: richard
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    Leader To Fly Line Connection

    Dry Fly 'Expert': Leader linguistics, tippet talk and tips... Dry Fly 'Expert': Needle Knot This is the very best way. Secure, prevents water ingress into the core, best turnover because there is no hinge effect. :thumbs: richard
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    Beautiful creature. Personally, I love cats and always have. We live in a small market town surrounded by country estates. The keepers wage war on the magpies with Larsen traps and it shows. Small birds do really well round here and it is almost unknown to see a magpie in our garden. richard
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    Hackled dry fly.

    You can read here how you can change a Caenis event into a real prospect of catching sizeable trout instead of relying on a wild fluke. Dry Fly 'Expert': Double Badger richard
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    Recommendations for barbless size 16 hooks

    For very strong, small hooks, the Ashima carp hooks are pretty good. I've never had one straightened out. Still nearly as strong but a bit lighter are the Drennan Super Specialist hooks but they are very small for the size claimed. A 16 is a more like an 18 but they are very good hooks. They...
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    Dry a dry fly

    To answer your question. All these posts extolling floatants are in error as floatants do not dry flies, in fact if you put them on damp flies you never get the blessed things dry again. Floatants should only be applied to already dried flies. In order of efficacy: 1) Amadou 2) Tissue 3)...
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    Dry Fly Hackle

    Just to add a tip... Indian capes often have some excellent hackles with regards to the length of the fibres allowing you to tie down to size 20, BUT the hackles can be quite short compared to the "genetics". Too short for hackle pliers. You can still use these hackles by tying them in as...
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    Dry Fly Hackle

    Yes they can be eminently suitable. When I started out all we had were Indian and Chinese capes and we managed to tie down to size 20. It depends on each cape. They vary enormously. It is best to examine the capes before buying but if you communicate with a fair minded supplier they will do...
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    Dry Fly Hackle

    Only if you are tying big dry flies... :( richard