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    Farmoor Reports & Info.

    Swimming anyone I heard a nasty rumour about people diving off the inlet tower on Farmoor 2 and now the fishery manager is on gardening leave................ Anyone heard the same?:eek:
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    Farmoor 1

    dont worry they will keep you updated when its fishing well but other than that it must be doing badly..................
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    Farmoor Reports & Info.

    Probably something to do with the Muppet who now heads the fishery. Get someone in with a personality who actually knows some thing about fishing instead of a waster who just bullies people for a living.
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    Bloke XL50 9' 7wt...£65

    Bloke Is there any left Mick If so put me down for one Regards
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    Farmoor Report

    Royston Well written and very clearly spelt out. I can now see exactly what why and when to the questions that i have asked you as an individual to answer. I will certainly look forward to renewing my season ticket as i have done for some 20 years. Can i thank you and the other Rangers on...
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    Farmoor Report

    Gunner 100 I could not agree more. Well done to those who took part and made a fantastic contribution.:) Sadly Thames Water have put nothing yet toward the collection.:( The point that i am trying to make is the average guy on the street has dug deep and put in his or her contribution...
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    Farmoor Report

    Why is Funding needed Hi Royston Can i just ask a simple question about: You state that the funds from the charity match will go toward funding a wheelie boat........... Surely Thames Water should be made to fund a wheelie boat as this otherwise would be discriminative toward disabled...
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    Farmoor 2 New Season Details

    Nearly time to start Hey in just over 12 hours time i will be camped outside the front gates guys so make sure that the kettle is warmed up. Looking forward to the new season. The weather looks perfect too............:p
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    Farmoor 2 New Season Details

    Prices of Season Tickets Hi Paul Just nearly fell off my chair when i saw the prices of the season ticket !!!!!!! I thought that it was going to out price me from your place....... However when you read it properly £475 to fish 7 days a week over an 11 month period this should actually save...
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    Peter if i were in charge then you would be banned for being the regular moaner like Paul said i have never seen a good report yet from you:mad: get a life man:p
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    Farmoor II Double Figure Brown!

    Visiting dignitaries ! is that what you call someone from Airflop Then Peter your fishing the Thames from now on.:D
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    Farmoor stockies

    Farmoor Hi Guys I have fished Farmoor for the last 20 years and i have heard of the odd small fish, but i can honestly say without any doubts i have never caught any thing under the 12 inch mark and probably nothing under the 1lb. To be honest the wardens always seem very helpful and i am sure...
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    Farmoor form

    Geordie you also fished the hardest part of the day if you had been there first thing for a few hours and then gone to the pub until 6pm and fished for the evening rise like i you would of had your bag limit like me and my mate did;)
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    Fulling Mill Ti4 Rod for sale

    A Fulling Mill Ti4 10-foot 4 piece 4/5 Weight Rod for sale. This rod is brand new and unused in a carrying case. They sell in the shops for £150. This is a perfect cech nymphing rod for rivers or for lighter line still water fishing. Please feel free to PM offers. Otherwise ebay it is...
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    Mustad Hooks £8 per 1000 Delivered

    Guys thanks for the interest i have 3000 Mustad Limerick hooks left in size 18 these are in boxes of 100 and i have been selling them at £8 per 1000 and thats delivered. I also have some of the small plastic packs that hold 15 hooks these are the Mustad sproat hooks in a size 18 as well. I...