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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Ah , but how much was the split ring ;)
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    Float Tube with Oars

    I tried in once at Weirwood reservoir many years ago (sadly no longer a trout fishery). Good fun, although when the wind picked up I did struggle. Just a shame that no lakes near me allow it.
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    Fishing under Pilons

    London ?
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    Fishing around Birmingham

    It might be easier just to go shopping with your wife........
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    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    It would be perfect for loch fishing (y) . I've only used mine off the bank so far and can't fault it . Lovely 'steely' action (trying not to use the word 'stiff' as it isn't). It can certainly cast a fair distance when required and the tip is just right when playing fish. I've landed a couple...
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    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    I have a Deep Blue 9’ 6’’ T7 on order, will be my perfect reservoir set up along with my Amber Ti5 🙂
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    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    That one looks good. I wonder if the first batch are test rods only or customer builds ?
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    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    Thought you would have wanted one of these Sean, unless you already own one :)
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    Bewl reservoir

    Actually I'm now thinking 1978 . I started fishing Bewl in 1983 as a 14 year old and I seem to recall remembering that the lake had been open for fishing for five years. I started with a one day beginners course (30th April 1983) that was run by a ranger named George Hall (you may remember him...
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    Bewl reservoir

    1976 ? It was completed in 1975.....
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    super bargain rod?

    Have a look at the Stickman website (not UK but a Spanish/Hungarian collaboration) . I bought their 10ft 5w a few months ago (can't fault it) and have an order placed for a 9ft 6in 7w . Compared to high end factory rods pushing £1000 Stickman rods are a bargain :)
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    Orvis on the High Street

    I still have a Hampshire (Western) 10ft 7w rod . Was going to punt it on ebay but with the weight of the tube the postage will probably be more than the value of the rod !!
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    Slow intermediates

    More a 'fast' inter for me but one of my favourite lines (y)
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Who's going to mention the 'M' word :cool:
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    Tapered Leader

    I only fish reservoirs . With a floating line I'll use a 5ft polyleader as my 'butt piece' then a level length of tippet. On sinkers I use a straight through level leader but the length is never more than 12-14ft.