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    Copolymer line

    i would say like Bob, that baitcasters are a pain in the rear end with very light lures, much better off with a 1000 size fixed spool. I have been there and done that and will not return! p.s i love baitcasters but not for light lures.
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    Catching Arctic Charr by Design From Deep Lochs

    they would if there was a big, tight shoal of them!
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    Wild rainbows in UK

    i guess ours were steelhead too as they had come in from the ocean. The ones caught on the blackwater could have been from probably the same source as your uncle and you found Sean (but had gone to sea) if it is the same place i'm thinking about.
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    New Gun Day

    What happens if you get a red squirrel in one of those traps:oops:
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    Wild rainbows in UK

    In one of my clubs (small seatrout river) we have had a few beefy rainbows caught, we are no where near any stocked waters etc! We presume they were escapees from sea pens from the far west of the county where they are bred for the table in the ocean.
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    New Gun Day

    Airguns are not so common here as you still need a license for them, so if you have a license you would probably just get a rifle in .177 or .22. If any of you guys are in Ireland with your gun and want target practice, i have a milking parlour available for plenty of night sport (rats...
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    What CDC to buy?

    i would always go with his mallard or teal for the uses that you want it for
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    Salmon rivers for dummies; Iceland or Schotland? What beat and what time?

    I'll stick my neck out Eddy and suggest that maybe you should think of Ireland too! somewhere like waterville in Co.Kerry has very good salmon, sea trout and bass fishing all in same area, also some bigger salmon rivers about 45 mins away. Great for camping and you just need a license to fish...
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    What patterns for the Test in the first half of April

    The problem with the truly wild trout fisheries like here on my rivers is that they are very hard to stalk as they spend the day under the bank and weed and only come out to play at night! Small trout you can catch all day however.
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    Llyn Du Powys

    Maybe fish caddis under the cover of dark in May!
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    Dream destination holiday, expectation, facts and reality.

    Bongoch, you can fish the Cam further upstream still within the city boundaries. But there are lots of spring creeks around too, many run into ellesmere (the big tidal lagoon\lake) and the trout grow enormous! When do you usually go? I'm normally there in Feb, still must book my ticket next...
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    Dream destination holiday, expectation, facts and reality.

    i would not write off NZ. i'm lucky enough to go annually and TBH i have never gone and done backcountry hikes. I am fishing some of the more local foothill streams of Canterbury with no more walking than you would do on your local. Because these streams are not in the most scenic places (they...
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    Sea Trout in the sea flies??

    I should also say pat that I use a very small shrimp pattern double on the dropper Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Sea Trout in the sea flies??

    My best taker is a size ten real blue and silver or bloody butcher with a tungsten bead on the front. I am fishing estuaries on the south west coast. Also get bass on them! Or I lure fish with a tiny 2.5cm metal lure with a single barbless, but the loss rate is high in the salt for seatrout as...