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    LOM 5/11/21

    You had a great day Jim, it is a great place to fish , had some good days on it my self recently. thanks for posting as I like reading all the reports from the Lake Duncan
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    Out in the hills

    Many thanks. for your post , enjoyed the report and the photos
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    Start from scratch - list of flies

    Wet Fly Pearly Invicta Dry Fly Deer Hair Emerger Nymph Black Pheasant Tail Cruncher Buzzer Black with orange cheeks Lure Viva
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    Kippers on parade at Buchanty

    Many thanks, for post Col, great to look at Duncan
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    SA Kelly Green Intermediate

    I must say that I really like my Cortland Blue
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    5wt fly rod

    Vision Onki are excellent rods I have one , hope you get what suits you Duncan
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    Really gutted for you, you never know you may have just put them some where else , fingers crossed
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    LOM 18/19th August

    Many thanks for the report, hoping to manage a day or two next week or the week after have not fished it for a few years
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    Good Deer Hair

    Have a look at Rob Denson's site he has a good selection of deer hair
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    Super Glue Solutions

    Many thanks for that, I have the same problems with super glue Duncan
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    Hooks; free to a good home

    I hope that some young person gets them , good on you Phil
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    Rio Gold (New)

    As you say Scott it is disgraceful , try having a word with Guide fishing in Leeds ,worth a try Duncan
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    Kamasan hooks

    Just after ordering some
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    Silver Invicta

    One of my favourite point flies, and also the pearly one , good for WBT and Seatrout Regards Duncan
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    A little unsure.

    Gary as Scott said above, you will not go wrong with Uni 8/0, I use it for most of my tying, except buzzers where I use UTC as it lies flatter on the hook Regards Duncan