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    Welsh Water

    Crazy.Can walk round local reservoir but can't fish it.C'mon WW,pull your finger out
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    Yet another slurry pollution incident in Wales

    According to the Cambrian News,NRW are working with the farmer to prevent any more pollution.If NRW's track record is anything to go by,farmer will be unlucky if he gets a slapped wrist:mad:
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    Yet another slurry pollution incident in Wales

    This time the Afon Peris in Llanon:mad:
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    Wales Update: Driving to fish locally is now possible

    All my local waters still shut regardless of what Welsh Gov say
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    Welsh anglers can go fishing.

    Luckily for me the beach is just over the road
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    Welsh anglers can go fishing.

    In my neck of the woods all lakes still Trawsfynydd,Cynwch,Cregennan,Clywedog so it's sea fishing for me.Better than nowt
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    Angling in Wales - Statement by the Angling Trust

    Updated statement on Angling Cymru facebook page.Can drive to go fishing but only locally
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    Does anybody know who may have made this reel?

    Looks like a J.W.Young reel to me
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    Coronavirus update - Support hub and helpline are now available

    If you look at the picture of the tube train and the herd mentality,it'll only take a couple of pictures on social media of a lone flyfisher before every city dweller invades the countryside ala Snowdonia last week with a kiddies fishing rod,saying it's ok for him to do it.Stay in,see what...
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    Angling Auctions, 29/03/2020, Romsey … but is the Tackle Fair on?

    Been informed that Angling auction sale and Romsey fair have both been cancelled ,provisionally til 6/7th June
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    Angling Auctions, 29/03/2020, Romsey … but is the Tackle Fair on?

    Booked a table in January so assume it's still on
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    Second hand/Vintage tackle sales

    Hi vital,* I beleive next Romsey fair/Angling auction is the weekend of Oct 5/6th.Not too far away
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    Anyone with experience of fishing the remote mountain lakes of North Wales?

    Another excellent book is Fishing in Wales by Walter Gallichan(1903).It is cheaper than Wards book and has a chapter on the Llyns of Ardudwy.What I have found is that the lakes that had small fishin them then,still have small fish now,and the ones which had good fish,still have good fish(but not...