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    Pet hates in fly tying

    Bucktail, tying a lot of Salmon flies at the moment & I hate the stuff, unwieldy, flares & a bu$$er to mix evenly in a Willie Gun. Spending a fortune on "quality" double hooks & having to take a file to most of the welds to smooth them out, apparently (according to the manufacturer) that is what...
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    Bored in Work

    Griffith Gnat in original, black, brown, dirty yellow & olive. Easy to tie so you are prepared to lose them to the “tree gods” to get under those overhangs🥴
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    A lonely chalkstream salmon?

    An interesting question about when Salmon pair, I have been fortunate to fish for over 40 years on a small spate river in N.Wales, that, when the water subsides you can often watch the fish in their lies (if you know where to look). I have seen cock fish early in the season (August for our...
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    Llyn Alaw

    Morning all, Anyone know if there are still any fish in the above, not just trout (there used to be a healthy hear of coarse fish too), just reminiscing about some good evenings fishing dries along the far banks from a drifting boat & thought that once this madness has subsided I might take a...
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    Salmon fly advice please

    It will be very much dependant on the amount of water he gets in the weeks preceding his visit, usual September conditions & he will need small size 10/12 even 14 singles/doubles. A good few weeks of rain & that will turn into 1-1/1/2 brass/copper tubes. I would say that as far as patterns go...
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    What was your...?

    Black peacock spider, looong before the joy of instant images was ever thought of.
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    Chenille (old fashioned proper stuff)

    Done that but bought some real rubbish a couple of years ago, was hoping someone had an idea of who sells “good stuff”
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    Chenille (old fashioned proper stuff)

    Looking for the above, went to my local shop & all they had was Fritz (in a massive array of colours admittedly). Anyone got a link to one of the myriad of suppliers on Bay who’s product is okay?
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    Shotgun/firearm certificates.

    My renewal was due in Sept with North Wales (SGC & FAC), I had the forms in July but couldn`t get anyone provide the pictures (all the photo booths were closed off), & my Doctor took 4 months to fill the forms in. I kept the FEO appraised all along & in all fairness they were fantastic, I have...
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    Flytying - It's been an expensive year

    Not just a "this year" thing, spent a small fortune over the years on paraphernalia, bobbin holders are my achilles I have to try most when they come on the market in search of one that I find ideal. Vices are another matter altogether & they do get expensive. I had never realised just how much...
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    Another fan here, bought several rods from them over the years, always up there on price & delivery is excellent. The reel seat locking screw cracked on one when it was out of warranty, I asked for the name of the importer to see if I could get a replacement & they replaced the whole rod with a...
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    Bobbin holder

    I did have a try with the Norvise system but (would probably get used to it over time) found it over complicated. Probably go the other way & go back to a simple ceramic spigot !
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    Bobbin holder

    Morning all, I have tried the search facility (it keeps timing out before providing a result), fancy a change of the above (Got Stonfo Elites, Rite Bobbin & Schmaen), really like the Schmaen ones but eye wateringly expensive. Any other reccomendations, mainly tying trout at the moment?
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    Fly Only.

    I have used Fly Only for several years, both in person & online, always found them to be efficient & helpful. With regards to RM they certainly have not "got their act together", commercially we send out 50/100 units a day & up until us canceling our contract two weeks ago they were running at...
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    Hardy Sunbeam 6/7

    Apologies in advance to the mods, if this is in the wrong section please remove accordingly. I am looking for a "check spring" for the above, I seem to remember that someone had bought a lot of old spares from Hardy & was selling them on. Pretty sure I bought some bits for a couple of Golden...