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    Persiverance works today

    Better luck than me Jim, I hooked 3 fish on the tweed yesterday. One spooled and broke me off, it was a train and I could not stop it, the other two must have been hooked crap because they were off after a couple of shakes. I turned another couple of fish. Plenty action just no fish.
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    Hardy Demon sintrix 9’6” #7. SOLD

    As title, demon sintrix 9 foot 6 inch 7 weight. Good condition. Original tube is lost, rod in original bag and aluminium atomsix tube. Will email pics to anyone interested, £160 ONO posted
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    My first vlog (assynt)

    Anytime lad
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    My first vlog (assynt)

    Nice video Conan, you need to start fishing for real fish though :ROFLMAO: the ones with teeth or Salmon instead of the wee mincer brownies, a sore arm job!!
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    edinburgh fishing

    The water of leith season finishes on the 30th of September, but plenty of small wild fish to be had, dry flies work well (small griffiths gnats, grey dusters and Adams patterns are good). Hareperrig is full of wee wild fish but is quite expensive for what they are. Threipmuir reservoir by...
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    Fantasy Football league anyone??

    I’ll join you lads , I’ve already got this app As we do one at work. ×
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    Chartreuse and white baitfish

    The eyes are big, the only ones I had and they are 8mm. If anything it will be a strike point, when the fly is wet the eye actually gives the head area a nice profile but yeah smaller, maybe 3/4mm would suit better.
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    Chartreuse and white baitfish

    It’s EP fibres and a little bit of predator wing (both synthetic and light) so it doesn’t hold a ton of water like rabbit or other fur. It’s not a heavy fly and not too large so casting isn't a problem. I just tie it in hollow style and brush it out with an eyelash comb pinched from my wife, it...
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    Chartreuse and white baitfish

    One for the salt Owner 5177-071 #4 hook White EP Chartreuse Metz soft hackle Red epoxy eyes Fly is 70mm long.
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    Which Rio line for Sage X?

    Scientific anglers make orvis lines, not sure if rio made them previously but I don't think so.
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    Which Rio line for Sage X?

    Guide fly fishing recommend a rio gold. They are the uk sage reps. I’ve had the 490, 590, 690, 790, 796, 696 and I tried a lot of lines with them. SA MPX is good as is Rio intouch gold but I liked a Rio perception on them. My favourite floater that I’ve found ever is an Orvis access...
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    Dynaking...Great Service

    Dynaking are the best, hands down, off the shelf vice. I’ve used mines for years also and it’s still going strong after thousands of flies
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    How to align rings

    You can heat up the guide foot and touch it off of a stick of hot melt glue, just a touch is enough to allow you to stick the guide to the blank, it works well and doesn’t show up after coating the wrap with epoxy. I just use blue painter masking tape, cut the stips thin and wrap around the top...
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    Are there any guidelines for the best day to go lake fishing?

    On hard summer days on small waters I find a couple of small (size 16) black buzzers fished on a washing line with a fab, muddler or a suitable dry (assuming boobies are banned) works well fished near static. Under a bung works well also but not everyone like to fish that way.
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    WD-40 and (fly) fishing

    × unemployment benefit form 40, dole moles 😁