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    First couple of tries..

    Definitely a good start, one golden rule though (for every fly, ever). Never ever cut ends of tailing materials, always use the materials natural taper with feather fibres, tear marabou to shorten it and only ever cut floss tails square.
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    Fantasy Football league anyone??

    👍 no problem Gary, that’s a fine contribution lad
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    Fantasy Football league anyone??

    I will put some flies in the prize fund too 👍
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    Once used mint condition Vision Stillmaniac 10 foot 7 weight

    As title, bought the rod used it once then decided I have enough 7 weights. Will email photos to anyone interested. £280 posted.
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    Wish I'd known this about breathable waders

    I know a lot of folk knock Simms for the price but I have a pair of g3s that are now in their 6th season (they get used 2/3 times a week) and they are still bone dry, I haven’t touched them with Aquasure or the like either. That to me is excellent. I have another pair of the cheaper goretex...
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    Baked Boobie Eyes?

    Purely cosmetics, they perform worse I’d say, non baked ones are definitely more bouyant.
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    Zulu spider

    Fulling mill short shank special 12 Globrite 4 Black floss Fine silver wire Metz hen black Black uni 8/0
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    A little unsure.

    Quality advice from Wobblyface, spin your bobbin holder anti clockwise when using utc or den threads and they will flatten out, great for thin even buzzer bodies etc and also much easier to split the thread for an alternative to dubbing loops and other split thread techniques.
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    A little unsure.

    8/0 uni thread for 18 upward Gary, you can get really thin threads but some are very slippery on the steel hook, others break quite easily and some will cut through some types of materials. 8/0 uni is very user friendly when you get a feel for tension and is thin enough for small flies with...
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    I’ve got one and it’s my all time favourite piece of tackle, absolutely excellent fishing rod.
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    Swap mint condition vision stillmaniac 10 ft 7 wt for similar quality 9’6” 6 or 7 wt

    As title, bought last week and used once so mint condition, bought on a whim and I’ve got a few 10 foot 7 weights so looking to swap for similar quality/condition 9 foot 6 for a 6 or 7 line. Will email pics to anyone interested. Scott
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    Fantasy Football league anyone??

    Euro 2020 app Gary, international ones are good fun mate
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    Kate McClaren (globrite)

    There’s 3 shades in that tail, 8/9/10.
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    Kate McClaren (globrite)

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    Easily my most effective trad pattern, well shared most effective with a kate McClaren