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    Hardy Angel elaborate Fake ?

    An update, it has a serial number on the reel seat. Spool could do with replacing as its stuck on the the counter weight has broken off.
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    Hardy Angel elaborate Fake ?

    Hi all I took a punt on a reel, if it ever comes. It doesn’t seem to have a serial number on the reel. I think it’s a Mk1 Hardy Angel or a decent fake? Anyway I’m not too fussed as I only paid £40 for it . iCloud iCloud iCloud
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    The Fishing Show - The Great Yorkshire Show Ground, Harrogate 8th & 9th June

    Website: The Fishing Show UK - The North's Best Angling and Fishing Event Welcome to ‘The Fishing Show’, bringing together everybody’s fishing favourites under one roof – the best brands, the latest gear and the biggest personalities. Whether you’re into carp, coarse, fly or sea fishing...
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    January 2019 Caption Competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    The European fly fishing championship. All fisherman were identical in setup, but the Czech was favoured to win!
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    Has anyone been out in the last couple of days?

    I went out on the Knaresborough Horseshoe, worked below a the bridge and then tried the fast waters on the other side..... nothing. Then I was on …. to what I thought was welly boot, never got it out ( it was a fish probably in excess of 4 lbs). Then had two grayling on the more sluggish rides...
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    September 2018 Caption Competition sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    The pond owner thinks were fly fishing, but these sheep have fly strike and ill try hand with some maggots when hes stopped looking.
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    How's yours?

    My first sea trout ever, caught on the earn on a hare's ear nymph
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    New 2018 Brown trout thread.

    Short Vid of the trout from River Rye last week. Hopefully there again soon! Chris Stevenson on Instagram: “Just the best! Wild brownie from the River Rye. #trout #troutfishing #riverrye #guidelineflyfish #yorkshire #ukflyfishing”
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    Dire circumstances.

    I Had a terrible start, went up onto the Ure on the Bradford Stretch and water was still cold last month, a few rises. Luckily broke my duck on the Rye (last friday) it was pissing down but muggy air, so when the rain stopped fish did start to rise, i had beautiful wild brownies about 1 1/2...
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    Leeds based fishing buddy's

    Keen for a meet, I work in Leeds live in Knaresborough area. Going to join Leeds ASA this year i reckon!
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    From whippy to Stiff

    Alas i might miss my floppy rod
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    From whippy to Stiff

    Hi guys, I've recently got hold of a guideline LPXE, now my former rod was a sage flight and the two rods are distances apart the guideline is very stiff and the safe is very floppy. I had a couple of casts with the new guideline and it felt very odd. What changes should I be making to my casting?
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    Huge Salmon from the past

    Father in law has one of them, I was reading through it and apparently, poachers netting in 1908 caught a 101lb salmon on the Tay. ill dig out it when I have time!
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    What's on your Christmas list this year?

    Dont mind a bit of commercialism! especially as it is usually the time of fishing sales! Would love a guidline waistbag as i have no carry options for my gear! But would definitely not buy it full price. Ive also been saving for a new camera setup for more fishing piccies!
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    What fly lines do you forum chaps use?

    I have a Rio in touch gold line and previous a Rio Lt trout and i have been far from impressed! The lt trout line straight out the package coiled, i didn't panic too much, i cleaned and stretched the line.... still no avail. Took it back Got the Rio in touch gold, again slightly coiled...