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  • Just realised who sewinbasher actually is...........:eek:mg:
    Off trotting THE river tomorrow, first Chub I catch will be in your name.

    Keep well, M.
    Ours are pan jet, the marks last at least for the season of stocking but are harder to spot into the second season. I don't know the source of the equipment sorry.
    As we have our own hatchery, it would be cheaper and better to do it ourselves - if we can locate the panjet supplier. We have used coploymer marking (VIE) this year - undertaken by external marker. So far, proving difficult as the mark is faint and difficult to spot
    We get ours dye marked by the supplier at a modest extra cost. We don't have much spawning on our beats but in most streams the fish move upstream to spawn and then return to their home beats. Kill only dye marked fish and if your river is good trout habitat you will see a change, in our case it took three seasons of no apparent impact then there wasa step change in the number of wild fish after which a steady improvement helped by a corresponding reduction in stocking and a switch to triploids.
    I have picked up an old post about panjetting. This is something we want to do. We are carrying out investigative stocking of our own diploids as approved by the EA. Do you know who supplies the panjets/ and the inks? Our intention is to reduce stocking if we can and encourage wild fish but we do not have any breeding streams in out 5.5 miile stretch
    Hi, I just moved to the Bangor area and I have my fishing licence for the Ogwen Valley Assoc. do you happen to know the area? Would you have any suggestions of when? where? to fish and what flies to use? Im new to fly fishing too.
    Hi Paul,
    My name is Rayan and I was wondering if you could give me some advice on where to go what, to use etc while fishing for pelagics in Jeddah. I would really like to hook into some tuna or billfish while down there. I have some pelagic tackle since I fish in Mexico whenever my parents bring us there for vacation. I've been searching the internet for days now and it looks like you are one of the few people who has seen what a great fishery the red sea can be.

    All the best!
    Hi Sewinbasher

    I'll take the rod if you think it would suit a shooting head system as that's all I have at the moment. I'm new to Salmon fishing and am looking for a 10wt rod to match a rio shooting head kit, so if you think it would suit, then please tell me how you would like to receive the money. If nobody's beat me to it of course...


    I fished when practising with the Welsh team and the local club sorted tickets and boats out. The best policy might be to contact the Seiont, Gwyfrai & Llynfi AA, the last phone number I have is 01248 670660 or 01248 671094.


    Hi, sorry to bother you, but I’m trying to find out how to book a boat on Llyn Nantlle and having spoken to some of the newsagents who sell permits for the local Association waters, I’m still at a loss. I noticed that you had fished the water and wondered if you could tell me how you went about booking a boat? Many thanks for any info! MintSauce.
    My DVD copy is one that I made from an original VHS tape. Sadly I no longer have the tape. Cheers
    Hi sewinbasher, I ahve been trying to locate a TV film of James Robertson Justice on the Test, and I read that you have a copy. Would you be good enough to give me more details so that I can get to watch it again. Many Thanks Nigel
    Hi bud, just to let you know Jim Crawford (boobybasher) is stuck down south (funeral) with no internet access so asked me to pm you just to keep you up to date. If the snow clears a bit hopefully he can travel back up the road. Cheers Andy.
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