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    Panorama Sewage dumping

    Signed, and shared the petition and map on facebook.
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    Panorama Sewage dumping

    yes, thankyou, must get my son to teach me doing a link.
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    Panorama Sewage dumping

    Sorry but i don't know how to put a link,but on the ear to the ground forum theres an interactive map. You can look up where they dump sewage in your area. I looked up my local upper great ouse,and was about what i expected. However, i widened the view and found a small innocent looking...
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    Underwater world of flies

    Thats interesting, about drag,when float fishing for coarse fish,we always holdback whentrotting, usually want leaves on the surface rushing past the float. at least a third slower near the bottom. I can see why it would need to be at the same speed as the surface with dry fly. I assume you mend...
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    Underwater world of flies

    AH, i've got 8 years to go before the mysteries of being a certain age will be revealed :giggle:
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    Underwater world of flies

    That was interesting,when fishing dry, i was a bit confused. my gut feeling was tippet aught to be underwater. Been using fullers earth. Hasn't helped me catch a fish either way yet!
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    First pike, first fly

    Had 2x 2hour sessions on the canal 2 weeks ago, during flood time, it was that thick coffee colour. Not a touch. well done on your pike, wasn't after pike meself. Hopefully roach/perch. tried squirmy and small nymph. Water clearing up now more chance next week.
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    Dry fly pre-treatment

    Thanks for that,worth knowing.
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    Dry fly pre-treatment

    Sorry folks whats this rubber band treatment,i googled it and they tried to flog me some castration pliers :giggle:
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    Dry fly pre-treatment

    Ah, now i get it,i've been using gink, doing the wholefly including the hook! It's why this forum is so great,next time just the top/hackle. Little details so blindingly obvious. One step nearer my first trout!
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    Are Rio having a laugh?

    It wasn't the cost of tackle which stopped me trout fishing,my impression was it was snooty, ridiculous rules (3 fish max) etc. Then as i got older i found long day trips sea fishing to tiring,plus i wanted a change from coarse fishing. So i looked into trout fishing. And found actually there...
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    Dry fly or not to dry fly

    Elinor has delayed it's opening till the 20th feb,it's worth signing up for the elinor newsletter,weekly updates once the fishing starts. had an update from them this week. Due to the water colour.
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    South Northants Fly fishing buddies

    Seems all the day ticket waters closing locally. Its Elinor for me,once were allowed to travel. when i took up fly fishing i thought i had 5 or 6 places to go to. If i was your way, i would fancy taking the fly on the Tove.
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    Is it ok....?

    For bait,buy some frozen prawns from the supermarket, Aldi if you have one about £3 gets you plenty. i usually find cut in half best. or set up a wessex rig with whole on the bottom. half on the top. I always take prawn anyway, and if available 2 other baits as well. i usually find if i only...
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    Hello all..

    Hope it all goes well for you.