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    Galway Fly Fair

    Stevie put a post on FB recently to say that he's looking at different dates and venues
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    Back in the day, hooks which ones?

    I use Partridge L5A/UE spider hooks, quite traditional looking. Second on the list here:
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    Quality CDC

    If you're still planning to go over to Pat Nolan, have a look at his CDC. I bought a bag at the Irish Fly Fair and it really is top quality
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    snipe feather help

    Jackdaw scalp
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    Cock Hackles

    Talk to Pat Nolan of Premier Angling over in Nenagh, superb quality stuff and very helpful on the phone
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    Hook loss ..... Arghhh

    Telescopic magnet is your friend . Handy when you drop a box of hooks on the floor - don't ask! I got mine from Maplins but you can get 'em for a couple of quid in most hardware stores, e.g. Screwfix
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    Hmh Spartav v Regal stainless v Other recommendations

    Since the Regal is made in US, the stem is Imperial, i.e. ⅜" Just measured mine and it's 9.53mm
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    What is the difference between a chalkstream and a limestone spring creek?

    I would tend to agree with you, not much difference. I've fished spring creeks in Montana e.g. Armstrong's, DePuy's etc and could compare them to some reaches of the Itchen and Test. The fish are perhaps wiser in those US rivers as there's quite a bit of angling pressure and, when I was last...
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    Hair Stacker.

    Get a decent brass or wooden stacker - avoid cheap plastic ones as they are subject to static electricity and the hair will stick to the stacker
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    Line winders - do you all go 'manual'?

    I made one of these - £1 bucket from B&Q, bit of dowel, works a treat
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    Fly fishing TV programme

    Recorded it, fast forwarded through the padding and watched the fishing bits
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    Hook Sharpeners

    Another vote for the Eze-Lap. Often when catching on a particular fly which the trout or salmon seem to prefer over any other, I'll regularly sharpen that one rather than changing. Mind you, I'll bin it when I get home, having copied it in detail. Also use the sharpener on my big pike patterns...
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    Hmh Spartav v Regal stainless v Other recommendations

    Regal all the way John, you've seen mine and it's still as good as new
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    Horse Fly Patterns

    I remember fishing a small peaty mountain stream in Donegal, full of 8 inch browns (actually, they were black :) ) and was under attack from hordes of clegs. As I swatted them off me, the corpses drifted downstream and the pool came alive with rises. I put on a # 16 CDC & Elk and fished it...
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    Your Funny Fishing Stories.

    In the good old days when Bangor Sea Angling Club (NI) operated their converted trawler from the harbour there, six of the guys headed out for a cod session in Belfast Lough. Conditions were pretty rough and it wasn't long before Billy was depositing his breakfast over the side. Sadly, his false...