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    Hardy Perfect Winding Plate Knobs..

    Hi LukeNZ, Try talking to Mikes reel repairs, he has a site seems to do bits for Hardy reels.John
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    Salmon farm Closure. Isle Ewe.

    Just watched a report on Landward tonight, how can a company(MOWI) who admit the loss of 120,000 sexually immature salmon in two incidents in West Scotland this year still be operating here. As far as i know these fish will enter rivers and eat everything. Has there been many of these fish...
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    Keith Frazer GM6

    Thanks for that Rob, GT or GM fritz the colour should have a basic resemblance, I knew the 6 was verging on the reddish side, I don't get how it has changed to a true fl orange with some. Thanks again
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    Keith Frazer GM6

    Many thanks Rob. John
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    Keith Frazer GM6

    Has anyone got original pkt of above fritz they could photograph and put on forum. its really just to try colour match with what is available today. Thanks in advance for any help.John
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    Upgrade for Orvis Western 3?

    Hi len1, not long been through the same thing and spent lots of time reading reviews and reports, i actually ended up buying a pair of 10ft #7 Western 3s secondhand.Why because everytime i nearly settled on a rod i would read something to put me off. It all is such a personal thing I would...
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    Hardy reel advice

    Hi Rabbie, I am just changing over to demon 5000 not sure how sizes compare. I had a WF6 floater on it with 40mtr of backing and it was full. Only expecting about 25mtrs with a 7. Obv. more backing as you go up sink rate. Hope this helps a bit.John
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    sunburst =golden bumble olive ?

    W When it comes to Frankie Phillips Irish Dubbings some of the colours have been mixed or dyed for certain patterns so the colours dont sometimes relate to what we think. ie olive no way thats an olive colour but is used for a certain fly. Davie Mcphail tyes the fly on youtube using sunburst...
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    Thanks all..

    Tight Lines Gary stay safe and well.John
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    visitors dirt

    It boils my blood, scum, just no respect for nature ,countryside or other people and no doubt if they were questioned it would be " it keeps people in a job" The bit where people bagged all the rubbish and left the bags that a cracker they probably think thats acceptable.
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    Autumn on Menteith...

    Sorry thought it looked different day. lol
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    Autumn on Menteith...

    Hi Col ,Was out yesterday as well, really funny day saw a couple fish moving but not enough say to go to dries. pulled slow and fast and connected to some really nice looking fit fish. Trying to control a drift at times a pain but had that before at Menteith. lol
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    Hanak Competition Superlight 10ft 7wt

    Anyone tell me anything about this rod,action etc? John
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    Muddled Doc Spratley

    Have fished the original once years ago, 2 Browns, 9 Perch. Had to take it off it was a comp and the Perch wouldnt leave it alone.