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    Has anyone made a reel with a handle on both sides?

    One for sale on vintagefishingtackle for £695 if someone wants to try there engineering skills.
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    short line nymphing indicator lines

    Piscari-fly do a few different things. John
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    Has anyone made a reel with a handle on both sides?

    Sounds as if someone needs an automatic reel.
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    Shuttlecock - Yellow Owl Variant

    Probably a pattern that would be better getting roughed up at the vice before putting legs on. To me its a short version of a Legged Raider, well i see similarities. John
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    Shuttlecock - Yellow Owl Variant

    Just found a post on another site where Mrs Hodge when speaking of her husband says. Quote Jock Hodge (inventor of the big scary lure) The Humungus. I then went looking and in amongst all the sites about the fly there was a site about The Humungus a character in the Mad Max movie, the character...
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    Shuttlecock - Yellow Owl Variant

    Hi All , talking of history of flies can anyone verify if the Cruncher started life as the Ardleigh nymph? Rob thats one of the best looking versions of the Yellow Owl I've seen to date. John
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    Just damaged a reel cleaning it.
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    Thank you,THOMAS TURNER Fishing Antiques

    Contacted above over the weekend regarding a rod on their site. Didnt expect contact till Monday but was emailed not long after. Paid late Monday,rod just arrived great service throughout. If you havent had a look definitely worth it, not just antiques but classics and modern as well. Thanks TT...
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    general trout fishing

    Dont know much about the Don or river fishing, but youll be hard pushed to find a better Guarantee. And they are true to there word.John
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    tutti fruiti

    gm12 was originally a fritz colour which is basically a strong sunburst. It is used in alot of materials now, I like Bill McIlroys version of the colour.
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    tutti fruiti

    Probs not far off with 50/50 mix gm12/magenta seals fur. Someone on flyfishing large reservoirs showing his take on it. Hopefully someone has original as wouldnt mind it myself.
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    Di3 for 5 weight?

    Hi Neil, Im changing over to wychwood lines but see they dont do 5wt, so no use for you. If i were you id look at wet cel 2 not far off 3 per sec and lovely line. imo
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    Thanks All

    Just a few lines to thank everyone who have helped me pass many hours with nothing to do. I have learned from, laughed at and felt compassion for some of the things I have read over the past few months. What some have to endure over everyday life and not just over the last few months, you have...
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    Very American, big on the brand logo.
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    What do you think..

    Nice tying, I see some soldier palmers in there i think. First cast ever on a fly rod for me over thirty years ago Ace of Spades on the point / soldier palmer on dropper. Hope they catch you a bag full Gary.