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    One piece rods

    Hardy made the Zenith in a one-piece: Skaj
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    Are Rio having a laugh?

    One or two, in how many thousands of posts. Nah, I ain’t buying it. Your MO is to dive in and tell everyone else how wrong they are and how right you are. Case in point; you think this is a pointless discussion, ignore it then. Given the inordinate amount of effort and time you spend in annoying...
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    Well done Rob Edmunds

    Hey Rob, How’s the big brown hunt going? Skaj
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    Are Rio having a laugh?

    Mate, do you ever actually start any threads yerself, or just preach on high at everyone else’s, just wondered. Skaj
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    Well done Rob Edmunds

    And did you notice his Mrs in the gallery, cracking double on a dry. Skaj
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    So your rod broke on first use and the guides are not along the spine? Man alive, that’s page 1 of rod building. Have to say that’s made me reassess them somewhat. Skaj
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    Redington vice 9'5 #5

    Here’s what happened: Bought a Classic Trout 5wt some while back, really nice rod. Thought I’d get the 4wt as well, Uttings had sold out so I bought one from Gamefish in Edinburgh. After a week it hadn’t turned up so I called them, spoke to the owner, Nick (right nice bloke) who said that the...
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    Redington vice 9'5 #5

    I say this in the full knowledge that this is entirely subjective but the Redington Hydrogen is the greatest rod ever made. The end. Skaj
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    England latest lockdown?

    Also from the Angling Trust: We need to await tomorrow’s publication of the regulations necessary to enact this evenings announcement on a national lockdown by the Prime Minister. We will take professional advice and carefully review what they mean for angling and then publish guidelines for...
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    England latest lockdown?

    Angling Trust Lockdown 3 UPDATE – January 5, 2021 We are currently studying the detail of the new Covid-19 national lockdown restrictions announced by the Prime Minister on Monday evening and will be analysing the regulations once they are published. We will then update our advice on this...
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    Greys GR50 8’ 6” 5wt 4-piece - New

    Message me if you’d like pictures. £95 delivered in the UK. Payment by PayPal. Skaj
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    Wychwood Quest V2 9’ 6” 7wt 6-piece Travel Rod - New

    Message me if you’d like pictures. £80 landed in the UK. Payment by PayPal. Skaj
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    Rio InTouch Midge Tip Long WF7/I - New

    2 available, £65 ea landed in the UK. Payment by PayPal. Skaj
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    Redington Classic Trout 9’ #5 Wt 4-piece

    £100 delivered by ParcelForce 48hr service. Payment by PayPal or bank transfer. Skaj
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    New foam airflo strike indicators

    Surprised no-one’s mentioned Loon Biostrike, simple but brilliant. Skaj