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    River Laver, Yorkshire?

    Thanks for the info. I'll try and glean some more Regards Stu
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    River Laver, Yorkshire?

    Hi All, I'm trying to find out if anyone has fished the Laver? Most pictures or images aren't up to date, so I'm looking for more info on fishing it. Any help would be grand. Best regards Stuart
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    Airflo Airtex Chest Waders

    I had my first leak in these last September in Bosnia. Got back and sent them to Diver Dave Gordon for repair. Not bad for two years of hard use. Regards Stu
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    Airflo Vest & Back Pack

    Hi qetu, Try this link for a website view from fishtec. I'm having some problem uploading the image from Fishtec at the moment. This is in a camouflage pattern but with the same features as the original product. Priced at £69.99 Also comes in a mesh version too priced at £59.99 Best regards...
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    Airflo Vest & Back Pack

    The latest from the Airflo stable from the Outlander range and called "Covert". Available from or through priced at £69.99 from end of April onwards Best regards Stuart
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    Airflo waders and Boots

    Hi castaway 3, there's my review on the Airtex waders from Jan 14, in reviews. Two years on and the Delta boots that were part of the usp have died a death. They peeled on top of the boot and started cracking. I now use the Airtex boots which are brill. As for the waders, well over two years...
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    Airflo Fly Lines Kinked

    This just makes me laugh. As soon as someone slates an Airflo floater, out come the usual suspects?? If you store your line on the reel for months, without using it then expect it to perform without question, then your asking a lot from any fly line??? I fish a lot of Airflo floaters...
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    Ellerdine Lakes

    Last Sunday 6th Dec, saw England Youth descend on Ellerdine Lakes. Come 10 o'clock Charles Jardine, was getting amongst them and briefing them up before sending them on their way to all corners of the fishery. Briefing before the start fo England Youth Dave Hoppe was on form, catching...
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    Airflo Super Dri lines

    Aside from Elite - I've fished them all. Those who know me, know I love Airflo lines simple. Super Dri is technology that needs very little introduction here. This technology doesn't leech from the line over time. As a consequence Super Dri lines float where they should. Right on top of the...
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    Airflo customer service

    I normally don't have an issue with emailing CS. Phoning is always "the" best option, though emailing is an alternative, if you've no time to talk. Best regards Stuart;-)
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    harvey angling

    Harvey Angling have a very good reputation;-) Best regards Stuart;-)
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    Hi ZT, we fished last Saturday. Only managing 4 to the boat. a typical hard fighting Brenig Bow We ignored very good advice and fished the wrong method, using sinkers with Damsels and lures. Stupidity really. My best Damsel. A good fish taker on the day We should have fished floaters and...
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    New wading Jacket needed.

    Hi spa4, You not tried re-proofing with something like, wash in Nikwax TX10. I still have my old Aquatex and that's been re-proofed once or twice. It could save you the cost of buying a new jacket?? Best regards Stuart;-)
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    Best rod/rod manufacturer?

    +1 on that Angus. I have three of them and they are just sweet as a nut. You'll never beat a rod that's not only personalised, with fittings of your choosing. But the actions on Stevie's rods are just superb. Faultless, is the word I was looking for! Best regards Stuart;-)
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    Making the Transition - Pointers on using a Mini Tip Line Best regards Stuart;-)