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    Competition specials

    × × Its getting very well worn after a lot of use. Cork and rings have seen better days. I know could go down the road of getting it redone but yes you are right a bit of an itch there for a new rod😀
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    Competition specials

    Hey all. Looking to upgrade my Greys xf2 comp special. Have been looking at the new model greys comp special but have heard the new wychwood rs comp special are a good rod too. Just wondering if anyone has experience of both. Also see cortland doing comp special too but its a good bit more expensive
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    A few wet Mayflys.

    Yes the first week in may will be early it's not normally in full swing until the 3rd or 4th week of may however first week should be good fishing buzzers about. Lovely flies all of them. Have you a recipe for your bleeding mayfly looks interesting.
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    Lightweight buzzer hooks

    Cheers for the replys have only used the filling mill super grub never the standard👍 will check out your suggestions.
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    Lightweight buzzer hooks

    Hey was just wondering if someone could advise me of a lightweight buzzer hook that is heavier that the b100s. Am looking for something to fish high in the water but when tying on the b100s they just so springy don't feel I could trust them. I don't want them to be as heavy as the b110s. Have...
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    Scruffy Olive paraloop #14

    Are them dubbing blends available for purchase on here?
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    Reel spool storage

    I have seen a lot of people lately with the reels fastened to the top of their fishing boxes just wondering if anyone can offer some advice as to how this is done neatly ---------- Post added at 06:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:49 AM ---------- That should really read spools...
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    Jungle cock

    Seemed to be out of stock on website might give them a call see if have some thanks
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    Jungle cock

    Thanks for your replies what grade would be best to go for it will be used mostly for tens and twelves for cheeks I don't mind using centrally split feathers. Would the cat b be high enough quality
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    Jungle cock

    Anyone know the best place stocking jungle cock at the moment most places seem to be out of stock
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    tying blobs

    I have a cup of water in desk but you would want to have cleaner desk than mine every bit of marabou and cut feather waste sticks to me
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    I have heard a dremmell makes perfect boobie eyes just wondering if anyone can tell me what model is the best to buy and also what are the best bits for forming them
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    New 19ft lake boat

    Have a sheelin Burke and kingfisher. Love the sheelin and Burke can't go wrong. Got them to take the spray hood and wrap around seats out of the sheelin too much clutter the way they are normally finished. Must say I don't find it that much heavier than the burke. I find the kingfisher not a...
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    Have most of mine tied using muskrat find it a better length than rabbit. Hands muskrat zonker strips 2.5mm a nice size ---------- Post added at 09:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:19 PM ---------- Sorry that was ment to be hends not hands damn auto correct
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    Monkey socks

    Just wondering if anyone has the dressing for the fly in the title?