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    The best waders under £200?

    I have Ikons and like them. For lake work I use Snowbee neoprenes in cold water and Ocean pvc (?) in summer.
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    Taking rods abroad

    When I fished down that way, one leg of the journey involved a small plane and a tight weight limit. Im only trying to be helpful…..
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    Taking rods abroad

    Those bags (and similar) are fine IF you can make the weight limit. The sports bag/one plastic tube routine saves a couple of kilos - which really helps when (small) planes and choppers force 15kg baggage limits.
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    Taking rods abroad

    Buy a cheap spots bag from somewhere like Sports Direct. We use cricket, golf, hockey bags of various lengths. They can be found for £25-30. Then cut a plastic tube to fit your collection of rods - diameter to suit ! I have 3 different tubes depending on how many rods I need to carry. Make...
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    That one is a decent fish !
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    Fly Rod Handles

    Steve P at Atomsix will routinely ask you what diameter/shape cork you would like on any of his custom builds.
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    Sinking 10 wt line search

    Shakespeare did make one - they sent one to each member of the Pike fly fishers. I might have one sitting around - will have a look…..but it won’t be for a couple of days.
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    Le Chameau Boots

    I wear the Aigle neoprene equivalents - the shape is slightly different to the Le Chameau variant. It suits me better. I wear them a great deal and get about 3 years from a pair. Current ones I found in a sale at Decathlon for £95.
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    Hardy Zane Pro views?

    My regular fishing mate has just told me that he has tried some Zane Pro rods and he was very impressed.
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    Hardy Zane Pro views?

    No idea on the Zane Pro. My mates and I have used the original Zenith Sintrix rods since they came out. We love the 10,11 and 12 versions, but aren’t keen on the 8’s and 9’s. Best saltwater 9 we’ve seen is a standard Loomis NRX - and the + version is allegedly better……
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    Car Hire Iceland

    Nothing clever— variants on p tails, hare’s ear, black buzzers, Prince etc etc. Weighted and unweighted. Tie them on decent hooks (again!). Basic search techniques - either a single nymph or ‘klink and dink‘ style.
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    Car Hire Iceland

    When I fished the Laxa, big klinks and foam beetles were the usual dry patterns. I taught myself how to tie klinkhammers before I went and then caught a pb fish on one, which was fantastic. Use proper hooks - some of the fish are really large and ordinary dry fly hooks are too fine in the...
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    Copolymer to fluorocarbon

    Exactly what I do when saltwater fly fishing. A standard tapered leader cut down to about 9 feet with a good quality tippet ring on the end. Then I add about 3 feet of soft plus Fluoro to the fly. My knots to the ring are usually uni knots and I’ve never had one go in fishing conditions. I do...
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    Edward Barder Bernard Venables Fly Rod

    I don’t think that photo records the launch ‘party’ for Red Letter Days. I was at the latter event and knew many of the other book contributors - few of whom are in that photo. Im sure somebody else will be able to shed more light on whatever get-together your photo does illustrate…….
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    Norfolk broads pike

    Your earlier point is correct, lots of empty water out there. So a local clued up guide short circuits that issue. I’d ignore the broads except maybe Wroxham or Salhouse; then concentrate on the rivers.