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    Rising to a nymph!?

    That's a good question rollingmattm lol. Thanks for your insights guys, very interesting. I had expected the trout to be inquisitive up to a point but to wholeheartedly swallow the little ****** I thought was surprising. I have taken fish by casting to a branch of bush and letting it bounce...
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    Rising to a nymph!?

    As per my thread further down I had been struggling to even get a take in recent weeks. This came to an end the other night in what I think is a bizarre fashion. As per the very helpful posters in my other post I chucked my braided leader in the tackle bag and done without. I got to my...
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    Blankety Blank

    Hi guys, Well my blanking run came to an end! I'm going to post a new thread because of the bizarre tactic that was unintentionally employed. I ditched the braided leader and what a difference in the presentation - the fly now lightly drops on to the surface beautifully! Thanks for all the...
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    Blankety Blank

    Again, thanks for the replies and advice. I am heading out after work and will be mainly fishing dries as we have had a good amount of rain yesterday and this morning and the temperature is picking up a bit so hopefully there will be a bit of action on the surface!
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    Advice,,,,best angling glue?

    I have experimented with this very issue. I found Loctite Gel Super Glue to be by far the best. It allows flex and bend - it doesn't go brittle and it's waterproof and solid (after a few beers too many one fine evening I decided to see how good it was and I glued a glass under a table... it's...
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    Blankety Blank

    Thanks for the words of encouragement guys! I'm heading out again tomorrow, have a range of nymphs ready, as well as some smaller dries. Regarding tossing the braided leader in the bin - would I just go straight from flyline to my tippet which is generally 0.18mm mono? Again - thanks for the...
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    Blankety Blank

    Ok, so my forehead is bruised through banging it against a brick wall. The last four times I have been at my local river I have blanked. Fish are rising and people around about me have been catching but I've not even had a tug on the line. Overview of my set up: Shakespreare Trion XT #5...
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    De Grease Your Tippet -Absolutely Not!!

    I'm relatively new to fly fishing and have pretty much stumbled through the steep learning curve. I am now able to confidently cast, strike and land a fish with both wet and dry fly techniques. I use Gink as a floatant, and have never used a degreaser/sinkant. I have found that using Berkley...
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    River Carron, Falkirk

    Fished this river last season (first season on the fly) and have only fished it once this season so far. What are the decent pools? I usually stick to: Winchester Avenue at the dog leg left (coming downstream) Horsemill Inn Roughmute Roundabout (although drunken maggot bashers occupy this...
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    What river rod??

    I use a shakespeare oddyssey 7ft 3wt on my local river which at the widest is about 40-50ft and it casts that distance no problem and I'm a beginner! At £30 it is an unbelievable bargain! The biggest I've caught on it is a 2lb brown last week and it handled it well, loads of feeling through...
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    Determining line weight

    Hello all!:thumbs: I have just received my Shaky Oddysey XT 3Wt 7ft. I have been struggling with a reel but I looked through some of the huge amount of gear that was left to me in a will, which includes many Hardy Reels, I found a nice lightweight Hardy Viscount (not sure what year) and it...
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    My New River Carron PB

    Nice fish, well done. The Carron is fishing quite well this week. I had a couple of fish from Winchester Avenue around the 1lb mark on a size 14 Adams. (One of which was my first on the dry). Shame about the bait hook being in there, so many guys fishing the worm or maggot leave their rod...
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    Braid tip for you...

    You have a two excellent hobbies, and some good advice as well. So to clarify - if I wipe my flyline, leader and tippet with this stuff it will help it float? Would a scoosh of the stuff on my flies help float them?
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    Reel for a 3Wt

    Hi there, thanks for all the replies! I have been banging my head against a brick wall trying to find one! Bens ones looks nice... really nice so i will probably go with one of them, also placed a bid on the Okuma one on eBay. A man can never have enough fishing kit!
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    Reel for a 3Wt

    Hi All, Ordered my Shakespeare odyssey XT 3Wt today, ordered my backing, line and leader. Can't wait to get out with it. My 6/7 set up is overkill for my local patch. My question is - what lightweight reel would be recommended for this? Budget of about £100 (but the cheaper the better, since...