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  • Hi Rich address is 51 St Helens St Chesterield S41 7QD very good of you mate Missus will be well pleased
    Hi i have been informed that you sell flies and could put together a package for me i am after flies that work well this time of year on lakes, as i am new to fly fishing i am at your mercy so to speak. thanks Paul
    Dear SKB,

    I'm really interested in the cassette reels you sell. Would it be possible to get a few more pictures of the "bronze web back" colour. When I finally get around to ordering one, it will be between that and the Gunmetal. Cheers,
    Hi Chris I Bought the chasing shadows dvd what a great film many thanks.
    On the sequence where you caught the Tuna you were using a red backing to the line flyline what was the make and where did you get.
    Many Thanks Doug
    I'm taking up fly fishing and will be buying a rod/reel/line package. I'm targeting a 9' #5 Vision Vipu rod as it looks more forgiving for the novice Angler. A lot of the guys advised me to contact you and ask what reel (s) you would recommend


    Have also contacted re Asso copoly. Please check your PMs/email.
    Cheer, Scott.
    Hi , I have emailed you regarding the asso . No reply. Can you contact me asap. Thanks.
    Hi. Saw your reels on the forum and was after a 10-11 wt for salmon fishing. Could you give me a call to discuss 07760474887.

    Cheers, Alan
    Dear sir, I hope I have got the right person here. I do apologise for this. I am desperately trying to find the guy who sold me some Asso tippet 19mm&21mm flourocarbon via this web forum. Is this you sir?
    Yesterday was my first time out using my new WF8F and Asso fluorocarbon, bought from yourself. Both great buys in my opinion. I'll definitely be buying again.
    Many thanks,
    A very happy customer.
    Hey Ben,

    Do you have any more of those yellow fly boxes you had up a few(?) weeks ago?
    What about the priests? I got the saltwater bug!

    Looking for a reel for a 13ft Hardy DH Uniqua 8 weight. I need to ensure I have a fair length e.g. 150 metres of backing and capable of a spey or rio afs type line. What would you advise please
    Hi Ben,
    I got that reel and line today, It looks a cracking peice of kit . thanks you very much .
    Hi Ed from fords flytying said you might have some Asso. What diameter is the 12lb and how much meters a spool and what's the price Regards James Abel
    Are you on Ebay ? Please send me a way of contacting you on Ebay or a website that I can access easily and pay by paypal for your fly lines. My addy on ebay is

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