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    Fish ID - Pollack, Coal Fish or other?

    Teamaker... because of the flecks that look like they have been covered in tea leaves.
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    West midlands coast advice.

    You would do better to expand your travel time a bit - but on the Wirral at New Brighton you can fish along the edges. The actual estuaries are a bit muddy - not like the Danish coast at all. If you go further west, you get much better opportunities. I am only just down the road from you...
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    Bass setup

    The 8 will do you fine for the East Devon marks - and South Hams. Teignmouth, a heavy sinker would be useful on the end of the spit!
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    South coast SWFFING

    Just seen this Ltd. No, it isn't the same. I don't think Binksie or Keiran or the others are o here. Gogga is in Vancouver now, and Carl is over in Canada too.
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    Bass setup

    Where in Devon are you? North or south?
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    Pigs stomach, boiled with some saltpetre in the water and a healthy dose of salt to make it into a pickling brine. Then the lining just falls off and you take the black sphincter out... just eat it, very sweet. We put it into presses and gelatined it for slicing cold, sold by the 1/4...
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    Tripe and onions is fantastic. I have it occassionally now, and hodge, while it is still warm.
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    The SFCA proposal for returning to fishing...

    Stop trying to score points. Reading Ohanzee's post #25, golf is mentioned as an aside and together with other activities in a general 'activity that might be allowed' manner, not golf specifically - take golf out of #25 and replace it with street dancing, or sailing, or tennis or any other...
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    The problem with 'fish locally' if that's a condition of starting fishing again

    There is a killer on the streets. Do you really need the Government to tell you to stay in? Unbelievable if it is so.... I don't believe people are that stupid. I think there is a goodly number who think it is a scare to line someone's pockets, and they are not going along with it.
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    The problem with 'fish locally' if that's a condition of starting fishing again

    As my mode of transport is embued with a threaded nut to hold the bowden cable in place, I shall unscrew my speedo cable, that way I can go as far as I like and I will have gone less than the prescribed range, as 0 miles will have been recorded. Perfik!
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    Casting ability

    'cos it doesn't work!
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    Casting ability

    Funny you mention that - it is akin to my talking about the physicality aspects. YES, men did do more manual labour and were fitter, without a doubt. Was Halford, or Izaac Walton, trying to cast 20 yards? Or were they dibbling a fly, like the newfangled French fashion and Czech nymphers - they...
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    Casting ability

    I have read some of the pages, but it got a bit too complicated for me and started becoming too scientific - this is FISHING for heavens sake, not a bloody physics degree. What I have noticed over the years, and it has shown up because my Orvis TLS is out of guarantee, back then fishing rods...
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    There is hope...

    And with luck will have the book thrown at them from all organisations concerned, revocation of their diving certificates for one - Rule 1 when scuba diving is you NEVER dive alone. They both dived solo, that was how they became seperated. I would like to think they got a bill for the air time...
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    I can see them tied with marabou and mylar tubing for the body.... given me an idea!