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    Tam reacted to eddleston123's post in the thread Dry Fly Box with Like Like.
    There's lots and lots of good looking 'tactical' fly boxes on the market at the moment. Unfortunately, they are all Plastic. I do agree...
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    Tam replied to the thread Pimp Indicators.
    I used an indicator for the first time at the weekend. I got the ones that Craig Barr sells and you just attach them with a little...
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    Tam replied to the thread Dry fly pre-treatment.
    Diver Dave up in Aberdeen sells a product call Repel. Put the fly into the bottle give it a shake and leave it to dry off before...
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    Tam replied to the thread Biro Dot Flies.
    That’s amazing, can l ask if the fish survive being caught ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk