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    Pfleuger Trion 1912 line capacity

    Claimed capacity is 250yds of 30lb . . . But will, obviously depend upon what line fly line is being loaded. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Peak District Fishing

    Whoever has the fishing rights.
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    best hackles for small dries

    The problem with cape tops is that the hackles are very short. With a genetic midge saddle you're looking at hackles which are potentially many inches long with a consistent barb length. Consequently, you'll be able to tie a number of flies using one hackle. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Cla gamefair

    I wasn't able to go this year but what is written above bears out comments from those I know who did attend. One in particular was somewhat scathing of the apparently random layout and very poor signage that made navigating the show very challenging. The available 'map' was contained in the show...
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    Cost of rods

    Bored for the 'moment'? 'Best'? There's a very 'scientific' question. We're all aware you're a bit of an obsessive ***** but there's really no need to go to the effort you do to prove it at every available opportunity.
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    Removing Broken Male Ferrule

    Out of curiosity, what do you intend doing when (and if) you manage to remove the snapped off ferrule?
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    Cost of rods

    I believe that, after 17 months, an 'enquiring mind' would have reached the logical understanding that the price tag on any item is not an indicator or guarantee of performance.
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    Casting Lessons

    Pretty close to the Mark there B'. I undertook the qualification to 'make sense' of what I'd been doing for a long time and to try and understand it a bit better, it was never my intention to 'set myself up' as an instructor . . . that sort of happened after! By the way, I see myself more as...
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    Teifi or...? Which river near Lampeter for brownies?

    . . . and with Teifi Pools just up the road, why not leave the family at home and have a proper holiday! Pitsford 090408 013 by dunstan.paul.t21, on Flickr
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    Cost of rods

    Now this has got to be worth the money . . . . A tangle free zone? Priceless. :thumbs:
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    Teifi or...? Which river near Lampeter for brownies?

    Around Tregaron would be your best bet on the river but as a still water alternative Llyn Berwyn is worth a visit.
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    Non-native salmon species

    fingers ears by dunstan.paul.t21, on Flickr
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    Non-native salmon species

    No sh!t Sherlock! Only the incredibly naive or those who've been locked in a box for the past 100 years would think that. The fragility of our Atlantic Salmon stocks and, in many areas, declining sustainability, is the main reason why every action should be taken from preventing the Pink...
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    What age did you start fishing?

    I was lucky in that, where I spent my first 18 years, there was a tiny stream that flowed around the edge of the field at the back of our cottage on on into a farm pond. From about the age of 5 I spent most of my time either in the stream or the pond, initially with a net. Later, my mother would...
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    10 wt dt for shooting head?

    Have a look here, everything you'll need to know . . . and more! Shooting heads | Global FlyFisher | In this article I will try to cover some advantages and disadvantages of the shooting head over the WF line, and I will thoroughly describe the way you can configure a good shooting head system...