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  • Now then, I see your on line (at work?) - ive made contact with Jan Siman and its looks very promising!!!!
    Phane me when you in later and i'll fill you in (err, not, like, "fill you in"!)
    Im going on sat if your not working.

    bbamboo has heard a rumour that 500 trout between 3/4 & 1 1/2lb have been put in at piercebridge two weeks ago by the association - fill yer boots!

    "Hello lads Mick here from Consett in County Durham. Been looking at the site now for a while and decided to join tonight.
    I am into my third season as a fly fisherman and have steadily upgraded my tackle. I now have some good Greys gear and am quite capable at casting/fishing-however i am still a long way from being an expert.
    One of the things which i have discovered recently is these couple of hot months where the fish lay low and are not as responsive.It has put me off a bit.
    Is the answer to use a sinking line in the deepest part of the reservoir and a lure such as a booby. I don,t get much fun out of this method.
    I much prefer the floating line with a buzzer or daddie but with the bright sunshine its been hard work.

    Cheers Mick."

    Hes found us:guinness::guinness:
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