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    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    can i go fishing with you s Steven i think you might make even me look good joking aside we all have the days that we would rather forget mine usually involve a dunking but its all part of lifes rich pattern i guess
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    Reel/line winder..

    grow some or get wife that you can fight or better still do it at the girl friends
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    Nymphing Rod 10' or 11'

    ive tried the hends 2wt with the extra piece which adds a foot length so you get 10ft 4ns for nymphing and 9ft4ins for dries only tried it for dries with small grayling but it is nice jonathan barnes sells them I think
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    First go at trotting

    Nice floats Steven I'm thinking of getting the float rod looking them reminds of the crow quill and porcupine quill in the shop with all the bit's to make yourself Very nice
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    Boot dubbing

    Do you find any advantage in using it Other than when taking the flies on the moors for a walk Uh ×
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    The Great Unwashed.

    you go first and tell us what its like
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    Vision Hopper Gummi, studs?

    × Kolcutters
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    Vision Hopper Gummi, studs?

    × × Koldcutters ice studs see I knew it would jog someone's memory
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    Vision Hopper Gummi, studs?

    Best I use are off the Bay ice speedway tyre studs can't remember the name but I'm sure this will jog someones memory not pricy either
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    New Fly rod recommendations

    thats pee ed on his chips poor chap wants (needs) a new rod ;)
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    River Swale

    teach the dogs to shoot
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    Hardy shadow sintrix 220 8ft 6ins 4wt

    Looking for new or as new if any one is interested Cheers iain
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    Wychwood chest pack/rucksack

    I don't think it's big enough nice enough kit though looks a it like a William Joseph lookalike
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    New 3/4 wt Custom Reel

    anyone remember captain sensible
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    sinking the tippet with pva?

    is that the same stuff as rainex which is a water repellant i have used it for wiping my fly line with to clean it and help it float the stuff i put in my fullers earth mix is glycerin and some rinse aid for the dishwasher and some fairy