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    Chew possibly under threat

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    Hair Dye

    How dare you - next you will be saying Trump dyes his hair and has a false tan.🤗
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    fake lines

    More than you would imagine - see up post for those who use Northern Sports as the OEM. They are based in Bromsgrove and use the old Shakespear facility for manufacture.
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    Similar line to barrio slx

    You could take a chance on Sunray lines which are very similar to the SLX and I suspect come from the same manufacturer Northern Sports.
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    British Rods

    I believe Century Composites provide blanks for a number of British bespoke rod builders. They certainly use Graphene and Autoclave technology. I spoke to them once about sourcing blanks and they referred me to Steve Parkes. Harrison's of Liverpool still roll their own and the likes of Chas...
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    Fisheries Lost

    Most of the larger fisheries have to stock bigger fish due to the huge influx of Cormorants. A 1lb trout makes for a lovely hors d'oeuvre. Farmoor, Chew, Grafham, Rutland et al have to put up with flocks of hundreds of these killing machines which ought to be put on the general licence.
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    Mortimer & Whitehouse

    Jury out for me - previous series such natural banter and camaraderie whereas this series seems a little contrived. And denim jeans on such a prestigious river, no,no,no.
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    Daiwa Lochmor Z rods

    I have an 11'3" wt 7 which I use with a 6" extension handle giving me a light line switch rod or "in front of the boat" salmon fishing rod on the Irish lochs. Had a good few salmon to 10lb on both Beltra and Carrowmore. Superb rod and is definitely a keeper.:cool:
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    River level WOW

    Desperate times on the Thurso - drought conditions and just the occassional fish each day amongst the 20 odd rods. Hardly enough rain on the next 10 days forecast to dampen the dust.
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    ra greenpeter

    Nice tyings - A firm favourite on Lough Carrowmore for salmon.
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    Bung fishing?

    You can get Furled leaders from Loopy Leaders with a hi Viz section at the thick end which aids bite detection
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    Bung fishing?

    Here's a video of the slip strike method.
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    Are Rio having a laugh?

    Barrio lines for me too - made in the UK by Northern Sports at their facility in Bromsgrove. As said somewhere above, we really should try to boycott Chinese gear (difficult I know) especially post covid (and the jury is out on that one) and the appalling treatment to Hong Kong. I suspect an...
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    Just a shame that TW choose not to advise their potential customers of the current situation. It really does beggar belief.
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    Another day afloat - water levels up, water temps up, F1 closed due to water temps and possible c&k will be imposed on F2. Day of 2 halves with the morning producing fish to dries whilst wind was steady. Afternoon difficult due to blustery wind. Water clarity only 3 to 4 ft and mucky so suspect...