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    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    Back from Devon and had my day yesterday on the Heddon. Another lovely day on a wonderful little river, and as per last year, which was my first venture there, it's a tough day's fishing but the trout god rewarded me with 15 beautiful brownies from a 3 hour session. The 1st pic shows the river...
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    What's the reel part called?

    Good to know Al, and I get where you’re coming from. I did wonder if a suitably sized circlip would do the job perhaps, hope all goes well.
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    What's the reel part called?

    Al, just in case someone else needs them in the future - did you buy one from the link I gave? Did it fit?
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    Recommendations please..

    Gary, not sure exactly what you mean by all occasions, but usually if you buy either a cassette reel or a 3 pack such as a Lamson, then you will get a case with it to fit them all. If you’re talking reel and separate spools, then there are so many choices but there’ll all do the job, pretty...
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    What's the reel part called?

    Al, take a look at this link - hopefully it might help...
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    Recommendations for a Large Arbour Reel 7/8

    My other suggestion would be a Redington Behemoth, another great reel at a great price. No 3 pack option but probably a more robust reel when going up from Trout to Salmon/pike.
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    Recommendations for a Large Arbour Reel 7/8

    Lamson Remix or Liquid would be good to take a look at, can’t remember if both come as a 3 pack, reel and 2 spools, but both are reasonably priced even in size 3.5 or 4 which is where you’d be headed to. From memory the Liquid is under £200. Edit - just looked and seems they have changed the...
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    GSR custom fly fishing reels

    Certainly echo that S, you are a lucky man to have one already, all the best Graeme with taking this forward.
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    Latest Reel off the Bench

    Stunning as always Graeme, looking forward to seeing an aerial or similar in the future if these beauties are anything to go by...
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    Finishing the season with a flourish

    Back down to Devon fishing the Heddon in two weeks time, so hopefully no Exmoor spates to contend with whilst we're there...
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    Did Lockdown translate to better fishing in the Summer?

    Much better start to the season on the rivers here, but personally I don't believe it is due to an extra 4 - 6 weeks of no fishing. My recent "good" seasons have been pretty much exactly in line with a wet winter giving better levels and flow rates in the river, and I'm pretty sure that's the...
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    The best trout river in the UK

    I don’t think you’re in a minority at all Douglas. I fish mostly WBT and grayling rivers for my enjoyment but usually do have a couple of days on a big fish stocked lake each year just to fill the freezer. Sometimes I enjoy those two days, sometimes I don’t. From those two days I make 100 fish...
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    River Pang by Sportfish

    I live a few miles from there, but not fished it personally. That said, speaking to a few in the Gresham club where I'm a member on the Loddon who have fished it over the years, they thought it was a nice stretch with a good head of trout and a few grayling. Up where I live in Bucklebury the...
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    Potential fishing location (Ottery, Cornwall)

    I fished it last year, probably one of my most enjoyable fishing days in years in the UK. It starts on the beach and you work your way up what starts out as open pools, some pretty deep, with some reasonable falls so quite a climb up or walk round to the next pool. After a short while you are...
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    SOLD - Very X-Large double-sided Wooden Fly box

    SOLD 1 very x-large double-sided wooden fly box, probably for a cheating boat fisherman or fisherwoman Size is 38cm x 22cm x 8cm Is fitted with foam on both sides as per picture but I'm sure someone could do a better job will silicone inserts if they so wish. £5 posted in UK to cover postage...